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For Epictetus, the only thing we can totally control, and therefore the only thing we should ever worry about, is our own judgment about what is good. If we desire money, health, sex, or reputation, we will inevitably be unhappy. If we genuinely wish to avoid poverty, sickness, loneliness, and obscurity, we will live in constant anxiety and frustration.
Anant Chaturdashi
After this all sorts of calamities happened in their life, and finally they were reduced to extreme poverty. Kaundinya understood that it was the punishment for having dishonoured "Anant", and decided that he would undergo rigorous penance until God Himself appeared to him.
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Only a Ripe Fruit Falls
You can be poor only if you are rich. If you are not rich your poverty cannot have that beauty which Jesus goes on preaching: Be poor in spirit. Your poverty cannot have that significance which Gautam Buddha has when he becomes a beggar.
Only a rich man can become poor, because you can lose only that which you have. If you have never been rich, how can you be poor? Your poverty will be just on the surface; it can never be in the spirit. On the surface you will be poor, and deep down you will be hankering after riches. Your spirit will hanker towards riches, it will be an ambition, it will be a constant desire to attain riches. Only on the surface will you be poor. And you may even console yourself by saying that poverty is good.
What you have is not the point. If you have enough then the desire disappears. When you have enough riches, the desire disappears. Disappearance of the desire is the criterion of enoughness. Then you are rich -- you can drop it, you can become poor, you can become a beggar like Buddha. And then your poverty is rich; then your poverty has a kingdom of its own.
This ignorance is beautiful, but it is attained through knowledge. It is poverty attained through richness. And the same happens with ego -- you can lose it if you have it.
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I think [Enlightenment|http://www.realization.org/page/doc0/doc0001.htm] is [poverty|http://www.worldbank.org/poverty/mission/up1.htm] [elimination|http://www.poverty-removal.org]
[The Literature of Poverty: A Collection|http://www.worldbank.org/poverty/povlit/index.htm]
The greatest danger in this world is unthinking people -- people who feel passionately but do not think, people who have no education, people who have nothing to lose. Universally, lack of education is the result of poverty, just as poverty is the result of the absence of education. This loop, which turns into a downward spiral, must be reversed. A virtuous circle must be established to replace the nefarious results of the vicious circle that prevails today. This is the ultimate meaning of cooperation.
[In Bombay, Public Indignity Is Poverty's Partner|http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/10/international/asia/10BOMB.html]
Three visions for India
have 10 percent growth rate in most areas. Our poverty levels are
Vision Creates Great Leaders
below poverty line to be reduced to 10%.
will not see the high illiteracy, poverty and social
in poverty, quite unaware of the value of the bowl with which he begged for
The University of Hard Knocks
the training of their children. Poverty is a better trainer for the rest.
had never struggled with discouragement, sickness, poverty and
defeat, or that our lives must fill up with poverty or sorrow, or
From [God's Justice] : ...When you see wicked people living in lust and happiness while godly ones live in poverty and pain, let your trust in God be great and humble. Who are you, that you should have the impudence to know the ways of the All-wise One, or search the paths of the Incomprehensible? It is enough that you know what is required for your own righteousness. So be silent before God's righteousness, which is far beyond your grasp...
Room to Read
[Links] > Room to Read's mission is to provide under-privileged children with an opportunity to gain the lifelong gift of education. It was founded on the belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and taking control of one’s own life. We currently focus our efforts on Nepal and Vietnam, countries with a desperate lack of resources to educate their children.
Poverty will be sufficient cause to establish guilt in the eyes of the law, while wealth and ostentation will be indices of character.
Kings will become mere robbers, and men, driven by despair and poverty, will become thieves, liars and murderers.

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