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Personal World Clock
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Practice of Meditation
The purified mind must be made to concentrate. Concentration is mental focussing. The mind can be focussed on a concrete object or an abstract idea. For a novice, concentration becomes easy if the object of concentration is concrete. Also, the beginner should choose a pleasing object on which to concentrate. Only thus can he prevent the mind from wandering away from the object of concentration. To start with, concentration can be practised on the flame of a candle, the tick-tick sound of a clock, the star in the sky, the picture of OM or the picture of one's lshta Devata (personal God). This should be followed by concentration on a suitable spiritual centre within the body. The Sadhak may concentrate with closed eyes on the space between is the eyebrows or on the tip of the nose. There is nothing which cannot be achieved by concentration.
Meditation confers peace and strength. Sivananda affirms that half an hour's meditation is sufficient to enable the aspirant to smilingly pass through a whole week's life in this world of problems and misery.
And the world is asleep.
It is not possible to meditate the whole day. Without variety, the mind, especially of a beginner, will get tired . It is necessary to guard against this possibility. It is important that the aspirant should be protected from the monotony of one-sided spiritual practice leading to reaction and a return to worldly activity with a vengeance. The beauty of divine life lies in the fact that the seriousness of meditation is tempered with the joy of Kirtan, the happiness and strength of service, the peace of Japa and the understanding of Svadhyaya (reading of scriptures).
Where the necessary preparation is inadequate or wanting, meditation cannot succeed. Simply sitting cross-legged and closing the eyes, thinking the same worldly thoughts and building castles in the air, or falling into a semi- sleep is not meditation. A person who wants to meditate must be free from disease and desire, from cares and worries. He must be free from love and hatred, and from like and dislike. He must be soaked in Vairagya (dispassion). He must be able to sit firmly for hours together in the same posture. His breathing must be slow and even. His stomach must be free from constipation, free from gas and very light. when these conditions are not satisfied, meditation will remain just a pipe dream.
How should the aspirant reflect? The Master shows the way: "Who am I? What is Brahman (God)? What is this Samsara (process of worldly life)? What is the goal of life? How to attain the goal? How to attain freedom from births and deaths? What is the Svarupa of Moksha (Essential nature of liberation)? Whence? Where? Whither? Thus should the aspirant of liberation ever enquire, seeking to achieve the purpose of life". The justification for this method of Vichara or enquiry is contained in the saying, "As you think, so you become". By constant reflection on the Reality behind the appearances, the seeker attains oneness with the Reality and becomes that Reality itself.
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The University of Hard Knocks
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the "red mud" becomes razor-blades--The world our mirror--The
our own personal overcoming, and that we never finish it.
If you get the feeling that the first personal pronoun is being
Experience is the dearest teacher in the world. Most of us spend
I knew they meant all right, but the world had moved since they were
of goodness into the mystery of the great unknown world beyond and
Down the great white way of the world go the million prodigals,
The world loves to write resolutions of respect. How often we
in the world."
it had been roasted--they took it proudly all over the world,
They are getting the education in the humanities the world needs
The world needs them more than libraries and foundations.
In other words, all the people of the world are in the great barrel
faculty the world is bidding for--initiative.
The world is not greatly impressed by testimonials. The man who has
world's yardsticks or barometers.
We go up by our own personal efforts. We go up by our own service,
"Getting to the top" is the world's pet delusion. There is no top.
The world says that to get greatness means to get great things. So
the world is in the business of getting--getting great fortunes,
folderol. Afterwhile the poor old world hears the empty rattle of
I weary of the world's pink-sheet extras about "Getting to the Top"
to go off to New York or Chicago or go chasing around the world to
currents set upward, the world is drawn toward us with its
of power. We find the world around us rising up to call us blessed.
world a new science who looked back over it and said, "I seem to
The world says some of us have golden gifts and some have copper
who sweeps it--is just as great as anybody in the world who may
thousands afterwhile. You need to give it now, and the world needs
It is the educated, the rich and the worldly wise who blunder most in
Children, I am pleading with you to find happiness. All the world
work that fits your talents, and stop watching the clock and
The world is trying to find happiness in being amused. The world is
farmside where he struggled as a boy. Personally, I think this
are no more delightful places in the world to live than in the
Those students went out into the world trained to struggle. I do
personal struggle in the cushions of the "frat" house as back on
world like the fiddle comes from the factory. We have a body and a
dollars to corner the wheat market of the world. That is all I paid
know what it is to be left alone in the world upon my own
surprised and grateful that the world seems to love my songs and
The world is full of theorists, dreamers, uplifters, reformers, who
long in this world.
and you get very personal.
charge of the world. They were so glad the world had waited so long
on them. They were so willing to take charge of the world. They
Everybody said Frank would make his mark in the world and make
trial at the hands of this world. That is why the great Judge has
capitalization and punctuation. Their eyes are on the clock, their
The most wonderful person in the world is the one who has lived
whole world going to that person for direction, advice, vision,
They generally discover the world is "going to the dogs." They cry
clock that runs down.
Wake up! Your clock has run down. Anybody who wants to be a child
Afterwhile this old world gets too small for us and we go on south
so many disappointed and disgruntled people in the world. They worked
be personal saviours. They say this is an ungrateful world.
the world will always hear? Do you remember that one author became
blind before writing "Paradise Lost" the world will always read?
world into a playground. Who will not confess that many
a world of good to learn. It recalls the saying of the wise man

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