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Anant Chaturdashi
Then suddenly an old venerable brahmin appeared before him. He removed the rope from Kaundinya's neck and led him into a cave. At first it was very dark. But then a bright light appeared and they reached a big palace. A great assembly of men and women had gathered. The old brahmin went straight towards the throne. Then Kaundinya could no longer see the brahmin, but only Vishnu instead. Kaundinya realized that Vishnu himself had come to save him, and that Vishnu was Anant, the Eternal One. He confessed his sin in failing to recognize the Eternal in the string on Sushila's hand.
palaces (e.g., temples) and feed thousands." While still in Sri Lanka,
Moritzburg Palace, Sanssouci Palace and Park, Twin Mills at Greetsiel, Blautopf, Moselle Loop near Bremm, Hamburg
Indian Palace, L14, 10, 68161 Mannheim. Tel: +49 621 20408
Only a Ripe Fruit Falls
When Buddha comes down from his throne, becomes a beggar...what is the necessity for Buddha? He was a king, enthroned, at the peak of his ego -- why this extreme, moving down from his palace to the streets, becoming a beggar? But Buddha has a beauty in his begging. The earth has never known such a beautiful beggar, such a rich beggar, such a kingly beggar, such an emperor.
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The Grand Palace

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