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Understanding the Lessons of September 11
We were in Munich, Germany on the Vishwa Dharma
Later we went to Munich and waited in the [Marienplatz|http://www.muenchen-tourist.de/deutsch/stadtinformationen/plaetze/marienplatz.htm] for the [Glockenspiel im Rathausturm|http://www.muenchen-tourist.de/englisch/stadtinformationen/plaetze/muenchen-stadtinformationen-sehenswuerdigkeiten-plaetze_e_m.htm]. But, in winter, it only happens once a day at 11AM !
Dinner at [Sausalitos|http://www.sausalitos.de/niederlassungen/muenchen_tal.shtml] Im Tal, [Munich]
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Germany : Heidelberg, Schwetzingen, Speyer, Frankfurt, Lake Constance, Munich, Saarbruecken, Orschloz, Abenteuer, Mannheim, Koblenz, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Baden Baden, Titisee, Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, Kirche, Passau, Koeln, Bad Schoenborn,
Karl Aigner
[Microsoft hires key rival from SuSE Linux|http://news.com.com/2100-7344-5195902.html] : .....Microsoft has hired one of its worst enemies, the SuSE Linux salesman whose efforts led the city of Munich to adopt Linux and open-source software instead of Microsoft's products..... Munich, which last year chose Linux for 14,000 computers.....

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