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There is another beautiful verse in the Bhagavatam which you can recite daily: “In days of yore, the Lord, born of Devaki, brought up in the house of Yasoda, killed the wicked Putana of illusive form and lifted the Govardhana hill, killed Kamsa and the sons of the Kuru race, and protected the sons of Kunti. Thus is recited the essence of the ancient Bhagavat Purana consisting of the nectarine stories of the deeds of Lord Krishna”.
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[Swami Sivananda] in [Yoga of Self-Surrender|http://www.dlsmd.org/sdr/08-sdr%20aug/0812.htm]: Pain is the great eye-opener. It is your silent teacher. It will make you remember God. [Kunti] prayed "0 Lord Krishna, give me pain

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