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Ganesha Chaturthi
Lord Ganesha is an embodiment of wisdom and bliss. He is the Lord of Brahmacharins. He is foremost amongst the celibates. He has as his vehicle a small mouse. He is the presiding Deity of the Muladhara Chakra, the psychic centre in the body in which the Kundalini Shakti resides.
The Vaishnavas also worship Lord Ganesha. They have given Him the name of Tumbikkai Alwar which means the divinity with the proboscis (the elephant’s trunk). Lord Ganesha’s two powers are the Kundalini and the Vallabha or power of love.
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[Interests] > Kundalini - correct name is Kundali !
[Swami Sivananda] : [Kundalini Yoga|http://www.sivanandadlshq.org/download/kundalini.htm]
[Kundalini Yogam|http://www.paranjothi.org/3.htm] in [Tamil]
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[Jiddu Krishnamurti on Kundalini|http://www.katinkahesselink.net/kr/kundalini.html]
Svara Sadhana
The above exercise is intended for general regulation of breath. Many other special exercises for the purification of Nadis and awakening Kundalini will be given in the subsequent chapters. A knowledge more secret than the science of breath, a friend more true than the science of breath, has never been seen or heard of. Friends are brought together by the power of breath. Wealth is obtained with comfort and reputation through the power of breath. The knowledge of the past, present and the future and all other Siddhis are acquired and a man reaches the highest state, by the power of breath.
Self Realisation, Transformational and [Kundalini] [Meditation] Program at [Self Levitation Centre]
The list of the traditional uses of this divine fruit is incredible. Due to it's cooling nature it removes hyperacidity, hemorroids, chronic hepatitis and jaundice, excessive menstrual bleeding, chronic low grade fevers, blood impurities, baldness, graying. It is effective in colds and coughs, constipation, dysentery and diarrhea3, teething, and it also reduces chromosonal abnormalities4, kundalini disorders5, and lowers the risk of cancer6. For stomach upsets due to acid dyspepsia Amalaki after meals is a classic remedy. Additionnaly it has the ability to cure obesity, anemia, increase the red blood cell count7, decrease cholesterol and atherosclorosis8, tone the liver9, improve the eyesight, increases adrenaline, and help to remove kidney and urinary stones.
Layne Little : [Shaking The Tree: Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy, & the Mysteries of the Breath in Bhogar's 7000|http://www.levity.com/alchemy/bhogar.html]
Gopi Krishna
...In 1967 he published his first major book in India, [Kundalini]--The Evolutionary Energy in Man (currently available under the title Living With Kundalini)...

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