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Ganesha Chaturthi
Place the Ganesh idol or Photo frame facing the East or West. But not facing the South. Apply sandal paste and kumkum on the forehead, palms and feet and then garland with flowers.
Kumkum - Apply kumkum on top of the sandal paste and chant :
   Haridra kumkumam samarpayaami.
Navaratri is a festival that lasts nine days and nine nights. The word Navaratri actually means nine (Nava) nights (ratri). This is celebrated in different styles throughout India. Navaratri occurs during the first 9 days of the bright half of the month of Aashwayuja in the Indian calendar. The most significant part of Navaratri is the setting up an odd number of steps (usually 7, 9, or 11), and the placement of different idols of Gods on them. This setup is called a Golu. Generally, when people come to a person's house to see their Golu, they are given prasad (the offering given to God that day), kumkum (red powder), and a small bag of gifts usually containing a mirror, a comb, a small box of kumkum, and fruits. These are only given to girls and married women. This is chiefly a woman's festival.
Saraswathi Poojai
First light the oil lamp. Apply sandalwood paste and kumkum on the forehead, palms and feet of the Goddess and then garland with flowers. Also apply on the books and musical instruments. Sit with folded legs on a small mat facing the Goddess.
Apply sandalpaste and kumkum on the forehead,
Smear the rice with kumkum. Offer it at the feet of the Goddess chanting :-
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