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Iris Murdoch
[People] > Iris Murdoch ( http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/imurdoch.htm ) [via Sathish|http://sathishr.blogspot.com/2002_12_01_sathishr_archive.html#85831003]
British writer and university lecturer, a prolific and highly professional novelist. Murdoch dealt with everyday ethical or moral issues, sometimes in the light of myths. As a writer Murdoch was a perfectionist, and she did not let editors change her text. Murdoch produced 26 novels in 40 years.
THE BELL (1958) is among Murdoch's most successful novels. It depicts an Anglican religious community in Gloucestershire. The events focus on the replacement bell to be hung in an abbey tower. Finally the difficulties of the task culminate in an effort to move the bell along a causeway to the gates of the nunnery - the bell suddenly falls into the water and sanks without a trace. The story was later televised.

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