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____Day one (first day for this Wiki)
slightly from the South Indian form. He explained that the name Subramuniya
Subramanya). It is formed from subhra meaning, "light; intuition," and muni,
of Hinduism's foremost and globally prominent spiritual teachers, a prolific
Kauai, Hawaii, USA. A spokesperson for the ashram said the Hindu master
was diagnosed when Subramuniyaswami was hospitalized for severe anemia. A
Hawaii, Washington State and California all concurred that even the most
the "Mrityunjaya Yajna," a worship ceremony traditionally offered prior to
the passing of a great saint. The yajna was performed across the USA,
suddenness of the events stunned the 2.5 million Tamils of Sri Lanka, for
Before his passing, Subramuniyaswami consoled his sorrowful monks, telling
Veylanswami, 59, was installed immediately as guru of the ashram, formally
As is traditional, the passage of a saint is not accompanied by the Hindu
gratitude for his life and not sorrow for his passage.
influential Hindu writers and thinkers, wrote, "He has done great work for
Ma Yoga Shakti, renowned teacher and Hinduism Today's Hindu of the Year for
2000, said, "For more than five decades, Subramuniyaswami, a highly
great spiritual asset for humankind. I still carry with me the warmth of his
who had gained prominence over the decades for his practical and
award-winning, international, full-color magazine, respected for its
dancer. Even in his seventies he would occasionally dance for devotees, who
sense of fun, maintained even upon his death bed, for when asked by a monk
if they could get anything for him, he replied, "Well, yes, a new body."
Subramuniyaswami as born on January 5, 1927, in Oakland, California, and
Jaffna, Sri Lanka. This was the single most respected Saivite Hindu guru for
slightly from the South Indian form. He explained that the name Subramuniya
Subramanya). It is formed from subhra meaning, "light; intuition," and muni,
Virginia City, Nevada, and other areas of California. During this time he
welcomed Hindu swamis coming for the first time to America, including Swami
Mission in California.
different parts of the world until two months before his passing. Among the
courses for the general market, writing about Indian spiritual practices
long before they became popular.
300,000 Hindus came to his discourses, which called for Hindus to have pride
in their heritage and to cling to their faith despite efforts of other
today. White hand-woven cloth was laid before him to form a path on which he
would go for miles, with devotees crowded on both sides of the roadway,
sage from America, and he was led for miles through the city streets with
centers in South India, which he visited in person. He also arranged for
1,000-pillared hall at Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu. Her performance was
to the temples from which they had been banned for so long.
monastics. He enjoyed the technology and proficiently used it for his work.
world's foremost Hindu websites.
as an articulate, insightful and forceful exponent of the Hindu faith. In
at the seminal Global Forum of Political and Spiritual Leaders‹at Oxford in
income for Hindu swamis, temples and orphanages worldwide and created a
from the printers in Malaysia shortly before his passing.
Subramuniyaswami taught the traditional Saivite Hindu path to enlightenment,
for quieting the external mind and revealing to aspirants their deeper
will be carried forward and flourish in the future under the guidance of his
age 59, a disciple for 35 years.
through all karmas before liberation from rebirth may be obtained. It
all beings, the importance of the yamas and niyamas, the need for purity and
Nandinatha lineage are often known as "market-place swamis," for they have
straightforward English, perhaps the central part of his written legacy, for
Hindu brotherhood are verily indebted to Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami for
are his foremost books. Each has been through several printings. All three
are popular around the world for their easy readability, and are used in
American universities for Hindu courses of study and comparative religion
in question and answer format on the basics of Hinduism. Central to "Living
with Siva" are his lengthy explanations of the traditional restraints and
observances of Hinduism and his 365 guidelines for Hindu living, of which
for everybody, for every situation -- for men, women, parents, husbands,
wives, businessmen, politicians, scientists -- none is forgotten or left
tradition has always provided for fasting under strict community regulation
tradition in his final book, printed just days before his Mahasamadhi,
a reasonable way, especially for the pain-riddled, disabled elderly and the
systems. No loss of the family wealth for prolonged health care or into the
practices. This master work, which is a kind of handbook for seekers of
the aura, the fourteen chakras or psychic force centers of the body,
Hindu organizations in their efforts to transplant Hinduism on Western soil;
foremost leaders, said it "will provide immense help to those who wish to
travels for other events he would take time out to have book signings at
wonderfully entertaining and informal events which allowed people genuinely
interested in his teachings an opportunity for a personal encounter with the
bookstores rarely stocked enough books for the relatively large numbers who
sects and lineages; 2) To inform and inspire Hindus worldwide and people
interested in Hinduism; 3) To dispel myths, illusions and misinformation
renaissance; 6) To publish a resource for Hindu leaders and educators who
that for Subramuniyaswami's teachings and a section for general Hindu
information, is by far the largest resource on Hinduism on the Internet
Ma Yoga Shakti, renowned teacher and Hinduism Today's Hindu of the Year for
2000, said, "We are very proud of Hinduism Today. For more than three
Chinmoy, famed for his peace efforts worldwide, said, "a uniquely powerful
lead in the effort to overcome the problem of self-alienation and growing
made of hand-carved granite. The land was prepared for fifteen years, money
Balagangadharanathaswami, the two foremost spiritual gurus of Karnataka
desert lands, Gurudeva founded an entire village for the project. Homes were
erected for the 75 carvers and their families, wells were dug, kitchens
Hemisphere, and one for which Subramuniyaswami has insisted upon the most
concerns directly before leaders of other faiths in public forums and in
conferences and demanded standards be established for "ethical conversion."
influence was instrumental in countering veiled threats to foreign aid that
campaign to "Stop the War in the Home" (see source for this talk at end) and
positive discipline within their local community. For this, he partnered
with Dr. Jane Nelsen, one of the great voices of enlightened discipline for
with dozens of schools in India now forbidding corporal punishment, and
throughout his life to create "pure Saivites," as he said shortly before his
philosophy. For decades he worked to create a Hindu solidarity by
In South India, these theological centers, known as aadheenams, perform many
to help arrange marriages. Subramuniyaswami was called upon to perform all
By far his greatest efforts and most focused energy went toward the 2.5
Refugee Relief Fund for Sri Lankans in 1985, collecting money in the West
homes. In Denmark in August of 2001 he laid the foundation stone for an
Sivacharya priests of South India, who are traditionally attached to the
fathers instead of opting for higher-paying but totally secular jobs. He
turn, for example, by sending young Sivachariya priests to train his monks
in temple worship, a training heretofore never imparted to anyone outside
swamis, and then again in January, 1981, traveling with 33 devotees for an
devotees to teach classes for other Hindu parents in nonviolent means of
new life into Hinduism for the Hindus of Malaysia." Today three of
festivals for all Hindus.
Saiva Siddhanta Church Act passed in Parliament in July, 1988. He instituted
people would come for the weekly homas held at that time. Today the major
large granite icons of Lord Murugan, in His form as the six-faced Arumugam,
and Lord Siva, in the form of Dakshinamurthi, the silent teacher, also grace
retreats and seminars for thousands of youth around the island.
Subramuniyaswami advised his family members to use ayurvedic medicine and
Aadheenam's foremost priests.
will be remembered for the sense of discipline in spiritual life and
pursue daily sadhanas for spiritual progress and peaceful living in the
"He will also be remembered for two meetings to promote community harmony.
and in a largely non-Hindu community, still he found himself performing the
traditional functions of an aadheenam for the local community. He was a key
positive future for the island's community. He worked monthly with the mayor
unity to the ethnically diverse island of 55,000 and to offer his vision for
a secure, drug-free future for the children. It was a message he carried
forward on local TV and radio programs, at Rotary Club breakfasts to which
out for advice by community leaders on the important issues facing the
This was recognized in formal ways by the governor of the state, the mayor
as for those of his close disciples.
"Just before his passing," said the monastery spokesperson, "He asked
devotees worldwide to carry his work and institutions forward with
in harmony and love for all peoples. His monks, forged in the fires of his
children their Saivite Hindu religion, preserving traditional culture and
Website for extensive further information and high-resolution photos
suitable for publication:
[The Premier Rasayana of Ayurveda|http://www.itmonline.org/arts/chyawanprash.htm] by by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon
Subhuti Dharmananda
Director [Institute for Traditional Medicine]
Institute for Traditional Medicine
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