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How to survive a Heart attack
From Health Cares, Rochester General Hospital via Chapter 240snewsletter AND THE BEAT GOES ON ... (reprint from The Mended Hearts, Inc.publication, Heart Response)
[Health] > Hair
[Ayurveda Hair - Tips for Healthy Hail|http://tips.ayurvedahair.net/]
* [Health] is [Wealth]
abundant health in a toxic world - https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B07DNRH4TP
* [100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century|http://www.spiritualityhealth.com/newsh/items/review-feature/item_6545.html]
* [Rebecca Blood] believes that "everyone can choose how they respond - one person can make a difference; each person does make a difference - love can transform hate and indifference - everyone deserves food, a home, education, safety, and a healthy world"
* [Maya Ma|http://www.wisearth.org/] : The goal of our mission is to cultivate health and healing without medicine, to evoke your memory of wellness and love and joy and to awaken in everyone there innate power of healing and a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family as a whole. Each one of us on this earth travels a unique path, guided by karma and desire.
For Epictetus, the only thing we can totally control, and therefore the only thing we should ever worry about, is our own judgment about what is good. If we desire money, health, sex, or reputation, we will inevitably be unhappy. If we genuinely wish to avoid poverty, sickness, loneliness, and obscurity, we will live in constant anxiety and frustration.
Aggregate Nutrient Density Index - http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/healthstartshere/andi.php
One who eats one complete meal a day is a YOGI (yogi is a healthy person)
* 2009 oct 23 fri : http://life.gaiam.com/gaiam/p/Healthy-Eating.html
* 2002 July 02 : [Swami Sivananda]'s [Way to Radiant Health|http://www.dlsmd.org/sdr/02-sdr%20feb/0210.htm]
* [ChetDay|http://www.chetday.com/]'s Health and Beyond is a great site
* [Dr Keki Sidhwa|http://members.rotfl.com/sidhwa/]'s The Quintessence of Natural Living for health and happiness
* [Dr. Stanley S. Bass|http://www.angelfire.com/ny2/bass/] - many articles - superior nutrition and superior health
* [Curry 'may slow Alzheimer's|http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_1668000/1668932.stm]
* [Health Education Library for People]
* [Living Nutrition|http://www.livingnutrition.com] is the world's only periodical dedicated to teaching health seekers how to eat their natural diet of alive raw fruits and vegetables and build everlasting superb health in this modern, stress-filled world.
* [Soil and Health Library] - Health begins in the soil; Healing begins with hygiene; Liberty begins with freedom
* [HealthFree.com Newsletters|http://www.healthfree.com/health/newsletter/index.html]
* [Lorenzo's Organic Olive Oil|http://www.healthfree.com/nutrition/lorenzos_organic_olive_oil.htm]
* Like Horace in his Epistles I like to "walk in silence through the healthy woods, pondering questions worthy of the good and wise" ( via [Rich Geib|http://www.rjgeib.com/biography/ventura/] )
How to set and Achieve Goals
* Second step-use another sheet of paper, and this time consider yourself and your personal goals for the next 12 month period. Some key areas in which you might set personal goals include: family, personal growth, financial, health, social, career, hobbies, spiritual, and recreation. Write down the things that you plan to accomplish or achieve or attain during this one-year period?
This festival is observed twice a year, once in the month of Chaitra and then in Aswayuja. It lasts for nine days in honour of the nine manifestations of Durga. During Navaratri (the word literally means "nine nights") devotees of Durga observe a fast. Brahmins are fed and prayers are offered for the protection of health and property.
Disconnecting the emotions from mother's death
Second is that if your mother loved you, she wouldn't want you mourning over her death for a prolonged period, if at all. She would want you to go on with your life and be a happy, healthy person, wouldn't she? Now often people lay guilt on themselves, saying "I should have gone to see her more, I should have gotten her a better doctor, I wish I had or hadn't done this or that." But all that is water over the dam. It makes no difference now. What has happened is final, and your feeling guilty isn't helping your mother a bit and most likely has a bad effect on those you love who are still around you. For the benefit of yourself and those you love, you MUST disconnect the guilt. This exercise will help you do that because it says "It will disconnect you from all the emotional upsets you experienced involving your mother."
Science, Religion and the Big Bang Theory
I think these people were neurotics. I don't think them healthy, normal, sane people. Who cares? For what? It does not matter at all, it is immaterial.
[Health] > Fruits
The Roots of Obesity
[Health] > The Roots of Obesity
Why do I lose focus?
Competition is foolish. There is no need. If you enjoy running -- perfectly good. Run. and enjoy. But why compete? What is the point of competition? Competition brings illness, unhealthiness; competition brings jealousy, and a thousand and one diseases.
[Health] > Sprouts
[Health] > Herbs
from http://www.internaturalhealth.com/herbalmain.htm
Every part of the tulsi plant, from roots to leaves, possesses health-giving properties. Its use as a medicine in different ailments has been known from ancient times in the Ayurvedic system. The leaves of the basil yield an essential oil which contains eugenol, carvacrol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene. It has the property of destroying bacteria and insects. The juice of the leaves is used in treatment of bronchitis and gastric disorders.
Bhaja Govindam
Anyone who listens to the music of Bhaja govindaM is attracted to it. However, the significance of the text goes much deeper and contains a well defined philosophy of attaining salvation. Shankara words here seem to be quite piercing and seem to lack his softness and tenderness often found in his other texts. The reason is that this was an extempore recital to an old man. His words can be compared to a knife of a doctor. The doctor's knife cruely removes the tumor with much pain, but removing the tumor ultimately restores good health in the patient. So is Shankara's words, which pierce and point out our ignorance. It is a knife into the heart of worldliness, and by removing this tumor of ignorance, we can attain everlasting bliss with the grace of Govinda.
systems. No loss of the family wealth for prolonged health care or into the
adopt a healthy diet, including raw sugar, brown rice and brown bread. As
Herbs & Spices
[Health] > [Herbs] > Herbs & Spices
[Aicapital Holistic Studio|http://www.ahstudio.biz/] : "Empowering your Health and your Future"
Count your blessings
If you woke up this morning with more health than illness -
[Vedic way to healthy living|http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/mp/2002/09/02/stories/2002090200120300.htm]
[Health] > Nuts and Seeds
Why so much conflict between the different religions?
But what is the need to prove it if you are superior? The superior man does not try to prove anything, he is so at ease with his superiority. That's what Lao Tzu says: The superior man is not even conscious of his superiority; there is no need at all. It is only the ill person who starts thinking of health; the healthy person never thinks about health. The healthy person is not self-conscious about his health; only the sick, only the ill. The beautiful person, the really beautiful person is not self-conscious about his or her beauty. It is only the ugly person who is constantly worried and making every effort to prove that it is not so.
Understanding the Lessons of September 11
all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all see the divinity in
Hindus be happy, may Hindus be healthy;" Americaha bhavantu sukhinah,
healthy;" then we will fall into the same well of despair as those who
It can buy you Medicine, But not Health
My health problem isn't that bad. Time will heal this pain.
Mosaraf Ali
[Integrated Health Online|http://www.dr-ali.co.uk]
* [Mosaraf Ali's Tips on Integrated Health|http://www.hindustantimes.com/nonfram/080501/htc05.asp] : ...Listen to your body. Each of us has the physis or the healing power to cure 80 per cent of all ailments ourselves...
Dave Klein
[Health] > [Fruits]> Mango
[Health] > [Fruits] > Durian
[Health] > [Fruits] > Banana
[Health] > [Fruits] > Strawberry
[Health Education Library for People]
Stomach Ache
[Health] > Stomach Ache
Chet Day
[Interests] > Ayurveda / [Health]
* [Google's Ayurveda|http://directory.google.com/Top/Health/Alternative/Ayurveda/]
* [HealthEpic.com - Ayurveda|http://www.healthepic.com/ayurveda/index.asp] - very good
Waking up during the Brahmamuhurta (at 4a.m.) is a great blessing from the standpoint of health, ethical discipline, efficiency in work and spiritual advancement. It is on Deepavali that everyone wakes up early in the morning. The sages who instituted this custom must have cherished the hope that their descendents would realise its benefits and make it a regular habit in their lives.
Soil And Health Library
[Links] > Soil And Health Library
Steve Solomon
Contribution : [Soil and Health Library]
Living and Raw Foods
[Health] / [Links] > Living and Raw Foods
German Vocabulary
Krankenversicherung, KV Health Insurance
Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, GKV Statutory Health Insurance
(Gesetzliche) Krankenkasse, GKK Statutory Health Insurance Company
Private Krankenversicherung, PKV Private Health Insurance (Company)
Health Education Library for People
[Health] > Health Education Library for People
* [7 key ingredients of a healthy marriage|http://www.foreverwed.com/articles/marriage/1.htm]
The Ten Marks of a Happy Marriage
9. SPIRITUALITY: God was the first marriage celebrant. He invented marriage. The engagement ring I bought Jan thirty-five years ago had two small diamonds and one larger one to depict the 'Eternal triangle' - one man, one woman, one God. Try to worship together regularly; pray with and for each other. (Yes, those who pray together are much more likely to stay together.) Having a Christian commitment that is both real and similar to each other's is a healthy indicator of future marital harmony. That ought not to preclude each partner relating to God uniquely. However, when one is a committed church-going Christian and the other isn't, there's usually (though not invariably) trouble: talk that out very very carefully before you marry. Some couples have reluctantly called their wedding off when the Christian partner takes seriously the biblical injunction about not being joined with an unbeliever: in my experience only one in eight or nine men will become a Christian after marriage if they weren't before. In a truly Christian marriage the order of priority, always is: God first, spouse second, children third, church/job next. But in a well-ordered and committed life, all these 'loves' enrich one another.
...Another health-giving stuff is myrobalan of the yellow variety which can be chewed now and then. In the Vagbhata it is represented as even superior to a nourishing mother. It takes care of the body better than a mother does. A mother gets annoyed with her child sometimes, but myrobalan always keeps an even temperament and is cheerful and enthusiastic in attending to the well-being of human beings. It preserves semen and stops all nocturnal emissions...
The day prior to the Makara Shankranti is called the Bhogi festival. On this day, old, worn-out and dirty things are discarded and burnt. Homes are cleaned and white-washed. Even the roads are swept clean and lovely designs are drawn with rice-flour. These practices have their own significance from the point of view of health. But, here I remind you that it will not do to attend to these external things alone. Cleaning the mind of its old dirty habits of thought and feeling is more urgently needed. Burn them up, with a wise and firm resolve to tread the path of truth, love and purity from this holy day onwards. This is the significance of Pongal in the life of the spiritual aspirant.
Soul Boosters
The Masquerade Of Charity
pleasurable. Wonderful! You're a healthy individual because you're
SELF-INTERESTED. That's healthy.
Varalakshmi Viratham
LORD SHIVA describes the glory of this Vrata in the Skanda Purana. It is performed by a woman whose husband is still living. Maha Lakshmi is the abode of all auspiciousness and prosperity. This worship of Maha Lakshmi is done to obtain good progeny, and for the health and long life of the husband.
[Health] > VegSource
Pancha Bhoota Healing
[Health] > Pancha Bhoota Healing
Stephanie Relfe
http://www.relfe.com/ : Health, Wealth and Happiness
The [Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database] is an annotated bibliography of prose, poetry, film, video and art which is being developed as a dynamic, accessible, comprehensive resource in MEDICAL HUMANITIES, for use in health/pre-health and liberal arts settings.
* [Baby Care|http://www.healthepic.com/ayurveda/mother&childcare/child_babycare.htm]
* http://www.spiritualityhealth.com : spiritual practices for human being
[NoSpank|http://www.nospank.org/] : A resource for students, parents, educators, health care professionals, policymakers, and everyone who believes that children's optimal development occurs in nurturing, violence-free environments and that every child has the right to grow and learn in such an environment.
Franz Konz
http://www.ivu.org/evu/eurocong99/Franzkonz.html : "...His first step to defeating stomach cancer was vegan raw food. However, the more he read about the subject and particularly by close self-observation, 20 years ago he realized that "[Urkost]" - original food, i.e. wild plants, was the only right kind of diet for humans in order to be free of illnesses and health problems or to heal people if no organic damage had already been sustained..."
[Health] > Water
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules the World
Well, what's more important than the child? He needs 24-hour-a-day care. He is learning to walk, to speak, to think. He falls down and needs consoling. He catches the flu and needs to be nursed back to health. It is the mother's duty to provide that care. No one else is going to do it for her. No one else can do it for her. She brought that child into the world, and she must prepare that child for a positive and rewarding life. If the farmer neglects his animals, he creates a karma. The animals suffer. The farm suffers. The community suffers when the farm fails, and the man himself suffers. There is a grave karma, too, for the woman who neglects her stri dharma, who goes out into the world and does not nurture the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of her children. She knows this within herself, but she may be influenced by ill-advised people, or by a mass movement that tells her that she has only one life to live and that she cannot find fulfillment in the home but must express herself, venture out, seek her own path, her own fortune. You have all heard these ideas. I tell you that they are wrong. They spell the disillusionment of the mother who heeds them, then the disintegration of the family that is sacrificed by her absence. Finally, they result in her own unhappiness as she despairs at the loss suffered by her family and herself.
William Gates III, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation, USA. : "Its a healthy thing there are demonstrators in the streets. We need a discussion about whether the rich world is giving back what it should in the developing world. I think there is a legitimate question whether we are."
The Soul of Money
Before we can embark on the journey to fulfill our life's dream, we must redefine the need for money and redefine prosperity. True prosperity, true abundance, true success means letting go of our grasp on non-essential clutter. A healthy soul doesn't need excess, but rather simplicity.
The New Incurables Program
[Health] > The New Incurables Program
The Garden Diet
[Health] > The Garden Diet
[Health] > Recipes
Andrew Saul
http://www.doctoryourself.com/ : "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This especially includes your health care."
We Live By choice, Not by Chance.
and build stress upon yourself. Unresolved, stress can lead to ill health,
Yama's four letters
others. This is the way to develop the heart. Give to the 'health
From [Deepavali] : ...Waking up during the Brahmamuhurta (at 4a.m.) is a great blessing from the standpoint of health, ethical discipline, efficiency in work
Svara Sadhana
I want you to practise every day the Svara Sadhana systematically and regularly, that is, to allow the flow of breath through the left nostril throughout the day and through the right nostril throughout the night. This will, doubtless, bestow on you wonderful benefits. Wrong Svara is the cause of a host of ailments. Observance of right Svara as described above leads to health and long life. Verily, verily, I say this unto you, my dear children! Practise this. Practise this from today. Shake off your habitual sloth, indolence and inertia. Leave off your idle talk. Do something practical. Before you begin the practice, pray to Lord Siva, who is the giver of this wonderful science by uttering Om Namah Sivaya and Sri Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles.
Norman Walker
"Colon Health: The Key To A Vibrant Life" (119 pgs.) -- Explaining how every
"The Natural Way To Vibrant Health" (125 pgs.) -- The principles of good
attain a long, healthy, productive life. Dr. Walker lived to be 109. $6.95
"Water Can Undermine Your Health" (107 pgs.) -- The problems associated
[Health] > Sneezing
Vision Creates Great Leaders
and food, healthcare, infrastructure and strategic industries.
agro food processing, food and agriculture, healthcare, electric
Healthcare we have seen, based on the experience,
education and healthcare are inter related. For example,
Kerala with education and better healthcare can bring down
[Life] > Food / [Health]
[Health] > Obesity
Home Remedies
[Health] > Home Remedies
[Health] > Chyawanprash
is [Ayurveda]'s best known and most trusted health tonic
When health is lost, some is lost.
Sudarshan Kriya
[Scientific Aspect of Sudarshan Kriya|http://www.healthlibrary.com/reading/yod/dec/chap3.htm]
Gingelly Oil
It is used widely as a hair oil because of its unique properties. It is cold in nature and when applied, soothes the head and mind giving a whole new freshness and coolness. Habitual use of gingelly oil gives one long live, fine vision, high memory power and good health.
[Health] > Enzyme
[Health] > Vaccine
[Health] > Eye
[A New Look At Eye Care Ayurvedic Solutions for Dry, Tired Eyes|http://www.mapi.com/ayurveda_health_care/newsletters/ayurvedic_eye_care_solution.html]
[Tips to Keep Your Eyes Fit|http://www.healthlibrary.com/reading/yod/aug/eyes.htm]
[Yogic Eye care and Other Useful tips for Eye Care|http://www.healthlibrary.com/reading/yod/feb99/eye.htm]
Ram Dass
on soul consciousness in the face of aging and ill health". Kathleen Murphy,
Bee Pollen
[Health] > Bee Pollen
[Health] [Words] > Hiccup
...we soon came to feel that Jesus' way must be a practical one: he had shown us a way of life that was comprised of more than a concern for the soul. It was a way that simply said, "If you have two coats, give one to him who has none. Give food to the hungry, and do not turn away your neighbor when he needs to borrow from you. When you are asked for an hour's work, give two. Strive for justice. If you wish to found a family, see that all others who want to found a family are able to do so, too. If you wish for education, work, and satisfying activity, make these possible for other people as well. If you claim that it is your duty to care for your health, then accept this duty on behalf of others too. Treat people in the same way that you would like to be treated by them. That is the wisdom of the law and the prophets. Finally, enter through this narrow gate, for it is the way that leads
Deanna Latson
Caroline Myss
Mission : Our vision is to develop Myss.com as a primary Internet gateway for people seeking holistic methods for achieving good health. The mission, as we've currently articulated it, is to facilitate a lively interactive Internet community through which people can: learn about holistic, energy and intuitive medicine, spiritual direction, including my philosophy and those of other professionals; buy education resources and health aids that help people heal themselves; and contribute to the development of the field.
morning and evening for half an hour. You should improve your health.
[Vedic way to healthy living|http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/mp/2002/09/02/stories/2002090200120300.htm] : ...But isn't it necessary that one understand the meaning of the Vedas that is being recited, was the unanimous question from the gathering. To this, Sri Tatwamasi Dixit said, "Well, the very meaning of the Vedas is knowledge, and they transcend religion and beliefs. It is not necessary that one understand the language in which it is recited. One can benefit from it through three levels vibratory level that is the structured patterns or just the sound are said to have a great impact on the body; next, by understanding the meaning of the verses; and the third, by perceiving the emotions or feelings in the verses. Basically, if one develops a faith that these words have some power and meaning, then that belief itself will have a positive effect on them."...
Kishore Balakrishnan 2002
If there is anything I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask. I [too|http://www.soilandhealth.org/05steve'sfolder/05aboutmeindex.html] really believe that a person is only as valuable as they are of help to others.
* [Healthy Recipes]
* [Healthy Drinks]
* [Health related Articles]
Health related Articles
[Health] related Articles
* [Eating to Live, Not Living to Eat|http://www.champs-of-truth.com/health/diet.htm]
Detox plan
[Dr. Bieler's Health Broth]
Dr. Bieler's Health Broth
[Detox plan] > Dr. Bieler's Health Broth
Dr. Bieler's Health Broth
Dr. Bielers famous health broth recipe for energy, weight loss, and cleansing
Source:[Dr. Bieler's broth|http://www.naturalways.com/recipe-Bieler-health-broth.htm]
Analects of Sivananda
Grief destroys strength, health, intellect and wisdom. Conquer grief
thankful that there is a perfect law of health to which everyone has
Be cheerful always. Rejoice. Radiate joy and cheer. Radiate health
Discipline of Speech
your energy this way. You will enjoy peace of mind and good health.
The formula for happiness
E stands for Existence and relates to health, financial stability and friendships.
Secret of Living
the kickings of life. Health alone exists. It is life alone that
makes a man live. Disease is only a sign of health. It is the
[Health], [Books], [Movies], [Travel], [Articles], [Quotations], [Magazines]
Guide to Sadhakas
them. Admit your faults plainly. Take care of your health - do not
Ten ways to enhance your family dinnertime
[Health] > Ten ways to enhance your family dinnertime
But we forget the high price in terms of health and happiness that is being paidwhen dinners are undermined. Besides, a lot can be gained when dinner times are treated as special times. Treat your dinnertime as a sacred time for you and yourfamily and you will see the rewards right away.
Often flowers from your own garden can do the job. They do not have to be very expensive or special but a small bunch of flowers make the environment much nicer to eat in. If flowers are not practical, light a candle.Think about it. All day we work so that we can have a nice meal at the end of the day and a healthy body through out our lives. So make that meal a special thing that you do at the end of the day.
This works very well if your family consists of young, school-going children. Pre-assign dinner topics such as current events every Monday, new science invention every Tuesday and have everyone say something about the topic. Be careful not to turn this into a one-sided lecture. There is so much learning that happens through these topics. Be creative about these topics: music, science, politics, family, health, and food.... the list can be endless.
[Health] > Laparoscopy
Restaurants in Singapore
* http://genesishealthfood.blogspot.com/
Healthy Recipes, 3 Shenton Way, #01-02 Shenton House, Tel : +65 6222 0737 - Healthy, balanced delicious meals - prepared with organic & natural ingredients
Swami Subramaniam
[A Divine Man - In the footsteps of Vallalar - Swami Subramaniam, IIT|http://www.vallalar.org/legends/Subra-In%20English.htm] : ...One is filled with wonder, when he meets this ego-less Swami, who has not taken any solid food for the last six years! Is that all ? No, more than this he has not gone to sleep as well for these six years. His diet consists only of six to seven glasses of an herbal concentrate (Karisilanganni Kashayam) and that keeps the Swami much more energetic and active than a normal healthy man...
Very Low Sperm Count
[Infertility and Nutrition|http://www.healingwithnutrition.com/idisease/infertility/impotence.html] (From Dr. Steven Whiting's book, You Can Be Well At Any Age: Your Definitive Guide to Vibrant Health and Longevity.) : "The use of herbs and nutrients is exceedingly safer than the pharmaceutical choices. These alternatives should be considered BEFORE resorting to more invasive treatments."
[Tools] > pzizz is a personal life coaching system, energy and stress, health and fitness, hypnosis, NLP, uk
Origins Healthcare
[Companies] > Origins Healthcare
[Health] > Kinohimitsu - Toxin Extractor Pad
[drtv.com.my : Kinohimitsu|http://www.drtv.com.my/product/health/kinohimitsu.htm]
Geshe Michael Roach
"The whole point then is to make money in a clean and honest way, to understand clearly where it comes from so it doesn't stop, and to maintain a healthy view toward it while we have it. As long as we do these things, making money is completely consistent with a spiritual way of life; in fact, it becomes part of a spiritual way of life." From [The Diamond Cutter] by Geshe Michael Roach
Tibetan cow horn is known for its medical properties which can draw heat and toxin from our body. Horn comb is non-static. It can be used daily. It is proven effective against white hair, dandruff, hairloss, headache, insomnia, high blood pressure and giddiness. see also http://community.webshots.com/user/tianbaocare - IMM - Tianbao Guasha Health-care centre will provide body Guasha, magnetic acupressur, chopsticks beating, natural ingredients footwashing massage, toxin elimination slimming.
Joe Simonetta
# Be Healthy
Joe Fitzgibbon
Books: Weight Loss for Health Gain , Fatigue
Singapore Blood Transfusion Service
http://www.colitis-crohns.com/ - Colitis and Crohn's Health Recovery Services directed by David Klein offers the 100% effective Vegan Diet Healing plan based on the Natural Hygiene health system
Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa is a practice that has brought better health and inner peace to millions around the world. We call it a cultivation practice: "cultivation" refers to the improvement of one's heart and mind through the careful study of universal principles based on truthfulness, benevolence, and forbearance; "practice" means doing exercises and meditation to energize the body.
[directory.google.com - Pregnancy and Birth|http://directory.google.com/Top/Health/Reproductive_Health/Pregnancy_and_Birth/]
[directory.google.com - Pregnancy and Birth - Journals|http://directory.google.com/Top/Health/Reproductive_Health/Pregnancy_and_Birth/Journals/]
Garbhini Paricharya
[healthlibrary.com: Garbhini Paricharya : Care Of The Pregnant Woman|http://healthlibrary.com/reading/ncure/mother/chap4.html]
[healthlibrary.com: Mother and Child Care in Traditional Medicine|http://healthlibrary.com/reading/mother/index.html]
[Goodhealth n You: Safe steps of motherhood|http://www.goodhealthnyou.com/features/features1.php3?id=1218]
The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant
.....this restaurant has made a name for itself in high quality, healthy vegetarian cooking.....
Vegetarian Guide
http://www.happycow.net - Vegetarian restaurants guide and directory of natural health food stores.
| <li><a href="http://www.yogihub.com.sg/">Yogi Hub</a> - motto is: More than serving food: a catalyst for people to ponder organic living. - Natural - Organic - Healthy Living - No. 1 Boon Tat Street, #01-01, Singapore 069611 - Tel 6220 4344 - Another bigger branch is at 16 Madras St. Tel: 6298-8198, Mon-Sat 11.30am - 10pm, behind Tekka Mall, 5 minutes from Little India MRT.
| <li>Kampung Senang Weekend Kitchen and Organic Food Support Scheme Market (sale of organic food at reasonable price) is located at Blk 840 Tampines Street 82 #01-111. Luncheon from 11am to 2pm (Saturday and Sunday). Enjoy freshly prepared healthy meals, without refined salt or sugar, hydrogenated oil, palm or peanut oil and MSG free. Be sure to call 6785.2568 to reserve seats and to confirm that they are open on that weekend. E: email@kg-senang.org.sg; W: http://www.kg-senang.org.sg.</li>
Aenon Health Farm
[Malaysia] > Aenon Health Farm
their troubles. Every morning, if his health permits, Swamiji tours the
http://www.knollorganics.com/ - http://www.knollorganics.com/philosophy.htm - On the Eat Now- Pay Later plan we can buy food at an "economical" price now. But how economical is it- really? How economical will it be to clean up our polluted environment? Who will pay for it? How economical will it be to treat the cancers and health-related problems that are the by-products of our present food production system? Who will pay for that? We can kid ourselves by saying that's what we have insurance for, but who pays for the insurance coverage? And who pays for the fieldworker who has no insurance coverage? We pay. It may be now -it may be later, but we must pay. So the question then becomes, for what do we wish to pay? Do we wish to pay more now and spend our dollars for prevention or do we wish to pay more later and spend our dollars for cure? The choice is ours. We must remember: things of value are not attained cheaply or easily.
[Health] is Wealth
4. Physical ([health])
[Health] > Fasting
http://www.kkh.com.sg/PatientHealthLibrary/ChildrensHealth/ChildhoodIllnesses/HFMD.htm : Antibiotics are ineffective because this is a viral, not a bacterial infection.
[Health] > Oil
[Health] > Exercise
[Health] > Heart
Major studies on heart disease have shown that lack of happiness and job satisfaction head the list of risk factors for heart attacks; they are far more endangering to our health than animal fats, alcohol and even cigarette smoking ( from https://read.amazon.com/?asin=B003XF1GRK )
How to survive a heart attack alone - http://www.philcheung.com/Health/HAS.htm
[Health] > Sleep
Your Guide to Healthy Sleep http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/sleep/healthy_sleep.pdf
[Health] > Smoothies
Field of Green's Healthy Cuisine, 2320 W. Alabama St. Tel 713 533 0029 - http://www.fieldofgreenscuisine.com
Doctors wont make you healthy.
Abundant Health in a Toxic World - http://amazon.com/dp/B07DNRH4TP
Starches, Sugars, and Alcohol ... There are many sugar converters in modern diets , but the sabotage foods are those foods which rapidly convert into sugar and have a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing ... These foods convert to sugar quickly in your body and raise your blood sugar too high and too fast causing an inflammatory response
[davidgetoff] : https://price-pottenger.org/healthy-living-tips/diet-weight-loss/sabotage-foods
* [Steve Solomon]'s [Soil and Health Library] ([*|http://www.soilandhealth.org/])
We may well be ashamed to tell what things we have read or heard in our day. I did not know why my news should be so trivial- considering what one's dreams and expectations are, why the developments should be so paltry. The news we hear, for the most part, is not news to our genius. It is the stalest repetition. You are often tempted to ask why such stress is laid on a particular experience which you have had- that, after twenty-five years, you should meet Hobbins, Registrar of Deeds, again on the sidewalk. Have you not budged an inch, then? Such is the daily news. Its facts appear to float in the atmosphere, insignificant as the sporules of fungi, and impinge on some neglected thallus, or surface of our minds, which affords a basis for them, and hence a parasitic growth. We should wash ourselves clean of such news. Of what consequence, though our planet explode, if there is no character involved in the explosion? In health we have not the least curiosity about such events. We do not live for idle amusement. I would not run round a corner to see the world blow up.
If your body becomes pleasant, you call it health and pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant, you call it peace and joy. If your emotions become pleasant, you call it love and compassion. If your energies become pleasant, you call it blissfulness and ecstasy. Whether we are going to the bar or the temple, this is what we are seeking.

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