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Bala N. Aiyer (bnaiyer at yahoo dot com) writes to [HPI], "The
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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules the World
The Christian-Judaic-Islamic idea of a one life, that "you have to get everything out of this life because when you're gone, you're gone, so grab all the gusto that you can out of life" has given the modern Western woman the idea that she is not getting what she should, by being a woman, and therefore the world looks doubly attractive because she is just passing through and will never come back and doesn't want to miss anything. So, living a man's life is very, very attractive. She doesn't want to stay home all the time and not see anything, not meet anybody, go through the boredom of raising a family, taking care of the children. She wants to be out with life, functioning in a man's world because she is told that she is missing something. Therefore, you can understand her desire to get out and work, start seeing and experiencing life and mixing with people, meeting new people. The Hindu woman does not look at life like that. The Hindu woman knows that she was born in a woman's body--this soul has taken an incarnation for a time in a woman's body--to perform a dharma, to perform a duty for the evolution of the soul. The duty is to be a mother to her children, wife to her husband, to strengthen the home and the family, which are the linchpin of society. She knows that the rewards are greater for her in the home. She knows that all she is missing is a man's strenuous work and responsibility, that her stri dharma is equally as great as a man's purusha dharma, even though they are quite different by nature. Because she knows these things, she fulfills her dharma joyously.
Oh, Poor India!
source : http://www.hindu.org/hpi_sources/3-3-02gautier.html
[via HPI] and HPI adds: Hindus and Jains have been trying for years to educate the public that the swastika is a religious symbol with thousands of years
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HPI's Home, Kauai, Ranked Second Best Island To Visit, Bali Ranked First
not yet been received by HPI. Sri Jayendra Puri Swami is the
Monastery, home of HPI. He and Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami were

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