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I suffer immensely from loneliness....
Man has come of age, and God has become meaningless. The hypothesis has lost its grip.
Moving from anger into sadness...
Remember, when two energies, opposite energies, are exactly alike, fifty-fifty, then it is very easy to get out of them, because they are fighting and cancelling each other and you are not in anybody's grip. Your sadness and your anger are fifty-fifty, equal energies, so they cancel each other. Suddenly you have freedom and you can slip out. But if sadness is seventy percent and anger thirty percent, then it is very difficult. Thirty percent anger in contrast with seventy percent sadness means forty percent sadness will still be there and it will not be possible; you will not be capable of easily slipping out. That forty percent will hang over you.
Conquer The World Within
surging emotions and impulses, if you are under the grip of moods and
The University of Hard Knocks
gripping audiences with the fire and brilliancy of youth, is
[Software] > Grip
Grip is a cd-player and cd-ripper for the Gnome desktop.
Michael Oliphant
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