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Mamopatta - samasta - duritakshayadwara Sriparameswara preetyartham Pratah Sandhya - Gayatri Mahamantra-japam karishye/
After the japam of Gayatri, the prayer to that deity to go to her own place is called Gayatri Upasthanam. First of all the Pranayama must be done.
After japam fold your hands and stand facing the East; then worship the Paramatma inside the Solar Orb with the following mantra: -
After Japam the mantras Sandyaayai namah etc. should be uttered folding the hands beginning with the quarter, which one faces at the time of the japam. Finally looking to that very quarter Sarvaabhyo Devataabhyo namah and kamokaarsh- eenmanyurakaarsheennamo namah should be uttered with folded hands.
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Gayathri Japam
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