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Hindu Temples in Germany
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Orscholz - At the cloefparkplatz, currencies of three nationalities are accepted: Germany, France, Luxembourg...
[Daylight Saving Time|http://www.timeanddate.com/time/aboutdst.html] (DST) ends in Europe... The clock will be set back one hour from 3 am to 2 am in the parts of Central Europe that observe Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time, including Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, most of western Russia (including Moscow) and many more.
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The Rhine ferry " Drusus " connects Germany with France. We were on this today
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via [IP] : [Issy-les-Moulineaux] is the most wired city in France
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Oh, Poor India!
Poor India ! Not only thy own journalists always run thee down, but most of the western press ignores thee, when it is not debasing thee: "a train full of Hindu 'extremistsâ was burnt", said an Agence France Presse dispatch dated Saturday 2d March, which went around the world. Full of Hindu "extremists" ? Do they mean to say that the forty innocent women and children who were burnt were "extremists" ? No self-respecting Government should allow such bias in foreign reporting: in China these press outfits would be immediately thrown out. But the worse is that this piece was probably written by an Indian stringer - and a Hindu at that - who wants to prove to his or her White Masters, that she is Whiter than the White, more Secular than the Secular. Oh, poor India.
Disneyland Paris
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Plum Village
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Hindu Temples in France
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The Rhine ferry " Drusus " connects Germany with France.
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
The Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986) was born in Bulgaria. In 1937 he went to France where he gave the main body of his Teaching.
[Airbus A380 unveiled – a milestone in the history of aviation|http://www.bundesregierung.de/en/-,10001.775969/artikel/Airbus-A380-unveiled-a-milesto.htm] : .....Airbus is a successful example of European industrial cooperation involving Germany, France, Great Britain, and Spain.
The front and rear sections of the fuselage are made in Germany. The middle section comes from France. Great Britain provides the wings and Spain the tail section. More than a hundred companies from around the world supply parts. The plane is assembled in Toulouse. Interior installations and the final paint job are done in Hamburg.
10 Rue Gager-Gabillot 75015 Paris, France

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