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Sushma Kishore
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Ganesha Chaturthi
[Festivals] > Ganesha Chaturthi
[Religion] >Hindu Festivals
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[Festivals] > Onam
Anant Chaturdashi
[Festivals] > Ananta Chaturdashi
Ananta Chaturdashi
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[Festivals] > [Navaratri]
Jayalakshmi Sekhar
India: Jayalakshmi has been performing on the veena in Chennai since 1996 during the December Music Festivals and monthly programmes whenever possible during the year under the auspices of Sabhas and organisations like Nadabruhmam, Suswara, Naradha Gana Sabha, AIMA Chembai Centenary Celebrations, Hamsadwani’s Festivals, Indian Fine Arts Society, Karthik Fine Arts, Tyagaraja Vidwat Sabha, Nadopasana, Krishna Gana Sabha, Veena Balachander Trust Programmes, Kapali Fine Arts, Nada Inbam and Delhi Educational Trust programmes.
festivals for all Hindus.
festivals. Several Mauritians have completed a six-month training at our
Saraswathi Poojai
[Religion] > [Festivals] > Saraswathi Poojai
[Festivals] > Deepavali
Many Deepavali festivals have come and gone. Yet the hearts of the vast majority are as dark as the night of the new moon. The house is lit with lamps, but the heart is full of the darkness of ignorance. O man! wake up from the slumber of ignorance. Realise the constant and eternal light of the Soul which neither rises nor sets, through meditation and deep enquiry.
Sri Skanda Sashti
[Festivals] > Sri Skanda Sashti
Skandha Sashti
[Festivals] > Skandha Sashti
Skanda Sashti falls in November. It is the day on which Lord Subramanya defeated the demon Taraka. Great festivals are held on this day with great pomp and grandeur. Devotees also do Bhajan and Kirtan on a grand scale. Thousands are fed sumptuously. Many incurable diseases are cured if one visits Palani and worships the Lord there. In South India, the Lord Subramanya’s Lilas are dramatized on the stage.
[Festivals] > Pongal
Shree Mahasivarathri
[Festivals] > Shree Mahasivarathri
[Festivals] > Karthigai
[Festivals] > Holi
Festivals like Holi have their own spiritual value. Apart from the various amusements, they create faith in God if properly observed. Hindu festivals always have a spiritual significance. They wean man away from sensual pleasures and take him gradually to the spiritual path and divine communion. People perform havan and offer the new grains that are harvested to the gods before using them.
All great Hindu festivals have religious, social and hygienic elements in them. Holi is no exception. Every season has a festival of its own. Holi is the great spring festival of India. Being an agricultural country, India’s two big festivals come during the harvest time when the barns and granaries of our farmers are full and they have reason to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. The harvest season is a festive season all over the world.
Man wants relaxation and change after hard work. He needs to be cheered when he is depressed on account of work and anxieties. Festivals like Holi supply him with the real food and tonic to restore his cheer and peace of mind.
[Festivals] > Gokulashtami
THIS IS THE birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth Divine Incarnation. It falls on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). This is one of the greatest of all Hindu festivals. Lord Krishna was born at midnight. A twenty-four hour fast is observed on this day, which is broken at midnight.
Varalakshmi Viratham
[Festivals] > Varalakshmi Viratham
* [indiataster.com: Varalakshmi Viratham detailed procedure and recipes|http://www.indiatastes.com/festivals/varalakshmi/festival.shtml]
[Festivals] > ShreeRamanavami
Ramnavmi is one of the most important festivals of the Vaishnava sect of the Hindus. However, even those who adore Lord Shiva celebrate the occasion. Some observe a strict fast on the day. Temples are decorated and the image of Lord Rama is richly adorned. The holy Ramayana is read in the temples. At Ayodhya, the birthplace of Sri Rama, a big fair is held on this day.
Hanuman Jayanti
[Festivals] > Hanuman Jayanti
Pancha Ganapati
[Festivals] > Pancha Ganapati
Mattu Pongal
[Festivals] > Mattu [Pongal]
Karadaiyan Nombhu
[Festivals] > Karadaiyan Nombhu
[chennaionline.com: Karadaiyan Nonbu - A Symbolic Perspective|http://www.chennaionline.com/festivalsnreligion/Festivals/nonbu.asp], [Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu Special|http://www.chennaionline.com/food/recipes/nombu.asp]
[Festivals] > Mahasivaratri
Krishna Janmashtami
[Festivals] > Krishna Janmashtami
Chithra Vishu
[Festivals] > Chithra Vishu
[Festivals] > pfingstmontag
Aavani Avittam
[Festivals] > Aavani Avittam
[Festivals] > Christmas
Akshaya Thrithiyai
[Festivals] > Akshaya Thrithiyai
[Festivals] > Vesak
World Falun Dafa Day
[Festivals] > World Falun Dafa Day
[Festivals] > Pradosham
[Festivals] > Weihnachten
Chinese New Year
[Festivals] > Chinese New Year
The lands, both agricultural and poromboke and the forests in and around the village belong to th? temple. Those who own Dewaswom lands are bound by covenants to pay annuity to the temple by way of cash, paddy and oil. According to this practice, the temple has an annual income of 7,000 paras (measures) of paddy annually. The temple is administered by the Naduvil Madom Devaswom who have totally eighteen temples under their control. A manager to look after the day to day work of the temple is appointed for each temple. The manager is responsible to collect annuities from those who keep temple lands, pay wages for staff, maintain temple accounts and property and arrange for celebration of temple festivals.
One of the most important festivals of the temple is Navarathri festival which falls in September/October each year. This festival is celebrated by the joint efforts of the villagers and the Devaswom with great gusto. An air of festivity descends on the village for ten days during this time. It is a custom of this temple that, those who come to worship during these ten days are fed free. The deity is therefore called ‘Annapoorneswari.”
The next nine days are really memorable. Each of the four villages is assigned particular days on which they will take the responsibility for decorations, lighting of lamps, feeding the Bhaktas, processions and other services both in terms of labour and money. Each villagewise with one another to make their participation more showy and colourful. Thus there is a friendly rivalry between the four villages in the conduct of the festivals.
Puthucode - a quite tranquil village situated in Kerala, India is known for the age old ANNAPORNESWARI TEMPLE and SIVA TEMPLEs and its yearly navaratri festivals celebrated year after year with lots of pomp and show.
Intentions are to develop a large address book of email address and other particulars of all Puthucodians and forward any news letters from SAPCO or other temple related festivals once the site is fully established
festivals and temple celebrations, beckons from just beyond a long bed

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