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Dave Winer
* [Programmers] have a very precise understanding of truth. You can't lie to a compiler. Try it sometime. Garbage in, garbage out. Booleans, the ones and zeros, trues and falses, make up the world programmers live in. That's all there is! I think programming is deep, it teaches us about the non-cyber universe we live in. There's something spiritual about computers, and I want to understand it.
Cool Tools
[WebCompiler|http://www.webcompiler.com/] 2000 allows you to take a collection of HTML, either from a Web Site you already have or maybe HTML you prepared specially, and turn it into a single self-contained "executable" file that you can use for any number of purposes.
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A compiler structured as a small number of monolithic passes is difficult to understand
in a compiler class. An attractive alternative is to structure a compiler as a collection
the implementation of a compiler with its logical organization, simplifying development,
framework for constructing such compilers.

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