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[Christmas Time]
The Best Things in Life
Wrapping presents under the Christmas tree while eating cookies and drinking eggnog.
Christmas City Nuremberg
[Travel] > [Germany] > Christmas City Nuremberg
The Wooden Bowl
I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.
The song [Christmas Time] is on the radio often...
The mission of the [North Carolina Christmas Tree Association|http://www.ncchristmastrees.com/] (NCCTA) is to promote "real" Christmas Trees through marketing and education.
(image source : [Why they make Scents|http://www.ncchristmastrees.com/sents.htm]]
[Andrea Frick] has great pictures from her local [Christmas Market|http://andrea.editthispage.com/weihnachtsmarkt2001]
http://www.germany-tourism.de/e/1579_12307.html : ...Sniff the aroma of freshly roasted almonds and gingerbread spices. Warm your hands and your heart with a hearty swig of mulled wine and let yourself be enchanted by the sound of christmas trumpets and choirs...
[Christmas Market Tour in Germany & Austria|http://www.europevac.com/Ge-Xmas2.htm]
Vow of silence
At a remote monastery deep in the woods, the monks followed a rigid vow of silence. This vow could only be broken once a year on Christmas, by one monk, and the monk could speak only one sentence.
One Christmas, Brother Thomas had his turn to speak and said, "I love the delightful mashed potatoes we have every year with the Christmas roast!" Then he sat down. Silence ensued for 365 days.
The next Christmas, Brother Michael got his turn, and said, "I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I truly despise them!" Once again, silence ensued for 365 days.
The following Christmas, Brother Paul rose and said, "I am fed up with this constant bickering!"
Christmas Time
[Lyrics] > Christmas Time
There's something about Christmas time
something about Christmas time
that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday
says that Christmas will never go away
we'll celebrate here on Christmas day
There's something about Christmas time
something about Christmas time
that makes you wish it was Christmas every day
says that Christmas will never go away
Please tell me Christmas will never go away
* [Christmas Stories|http://www.bruderhof.com/us/Articles/ChristmasStories.htm]
[Christmas Then and Christmas Now|http://www.blavatsky.net/blavatsky/arts/ChristmasThenAndChristmasNow.htm] : ...as neither the modern Hindu devotee understands a word of the Sanskrit, nor the modern Parsi one syllable of the Zend, so for the average Roman Catholic the Latin is no better than Hieroglyphics. The result is that all the three--Brahmanical High Priest, Zoroastrian Mobed, and Roman Catholic Pontiff, are allowed unlimited opportunities for evolving new religious dogmas out of the depths of their own fancy, for the benefit of their respective churches...
in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs.
Oscar Romero
in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs.
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http://www.snopes.com/holidays/christmas/jesus.asp :
Claim: The day celebrated as Christmas (December 25) is the actual birthday of Jesus.
[Merry Christmas - swf|http://web.icq.com/shockwave/0,,4845,00.swf]
[german.about.com : Christmas - Guide Picks|http://german.about.com/cs/christmas/]

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