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* [Brent Simmons|http://inessential.com/]
* [Sheila Simmons|http://sheila.inessential.com/]
Brent Simmons
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I requested [Brent Simmons] to list all the [Mac OS X applications] used by him. [The answer|http://inessential.com/osxapps.html]. Thanks, Brent.
A visit to their [Garden|http://sheila.inessential.com/garden/] maintained by his wife [Sheila Simmons] is refreshing.
[Dan Simmons] in [When Mental Growth Outruns Maturity|http://www.erinyes.org/simmons/interview.html] ...Wabash influenced every part of my life because I learned what being an educated human being meant while I was here...
Mac OS X applications
* We requested [Brent Simmons] to list the Mac OS X applications he uses....He immediately created a list. Thanks and [The answer|http://inessential.com/osxapps.html]
* [Brent Simmons|http://www.inessential.com]
[Brent Simmons] has [many ideas|http://inessential.com/2002/01/02.html] for [Apple]. One of them "[Mac OS X] for x86" is something I would like too :-)
[Brent Simmons]' [Rolling Referers Page with PHP/MySQL|http://ranchero.com/php/rollingreferers/]
brent simmons

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