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[Great Virtues of the Dhamma] : "...Amongst the many virtues of the Dhamma, there are six salient characteristics mentioned in the most authoritative texts. Svakkhato Bhagavata Dhammo, Sanditthiko, Akaliko, Ehipassiko, Opanayiko and Paccattam Veditabbo Vinnuhi..."
[Field Observations] : ...The [Amish], for instance, have succeeded simply by asking one question of any proposed innovation, namely: "What will this do to our community?"...
[John Dingell] (after he was [forced to strip!|http://www.newsday.com/news/politics/wire/sns-ap-congressman-searched0108jan08.story]) "I asked Norman to check to see if they treated me like they do everybody else," Dingell said. "I just wanted to be sure that what they did was necessary, that I got the same treatment, no better or no worse, than anyone else."
[Joel Spolsky] [:|http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000339.html] "Sometimes I just can't get anything done......Many of my days go like this: (1) get into work (2) check email, read the web, etc. (3) decide that I might as well have lunch
I tell [Sushma] often. If you donot understand something/anything... Goto [Google] and understand !
[Craig Jensen] [:|http://booknotes.weblogs.com/2001/12/22] "With the tumultous state the world is in I feel uncomfortable, even guilty, being in any kind of festive or celebratory mood. And, in fact, I'm not festive. Nor am I filled with hope from any kind of religious faith. I'm mostly depressed. - - - But I realize that the sphere within which I have the most influence is my family. The most important people to me are my wife, son and daughter and then my extended family. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews. All the quirks and dysfunctionalty set aside, this is the circle where I can find unbounded love and acceptance. It is the place where I can return that love, equally unbounded, without fear of reprisal or rejection. I am lucky. Truly so. I intend to immerse myself in my good fortune. In my own little circle I will enjoy peace and love and joy. - - - My hope and wish is that you will find yourselves enjoying the same. Be safe and well."
[Brent Simmons] has [many ideas|http://inessential.com/2002/01/02.html] for [Apple]. One of them "[Mac OS X] for x86" is something I would like too :-)
In Germany, [Fourth phase of ecological tax reform started on January 1, 2002 |http://eng.bundesregierung.de/top/dokumente/Artikel/ix_66146.htm?template=single&id=66146_4317&script=1&ixepf=_66146_4317]
[Any Given Sunday]
mmm... Is anyone researching "What is the average number of days before everyone writes 2002 instead of 2001" !
Any Given Sunday
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The University of Hard Knocks
midnight of the last day of the month of any such announcement.
to get any etext selected, entered, proofread, edited, copyright
should have at least twice as many computer users as that, so it
By using or reading any part of this PROJECT GUTENBERG-tm
a refund of the money (if any) you paid for this etext by
works. Despite these efforts, the Project's etexts and any
[1] the Project (and any other party you may receive this
receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any)
indirectly from any of the following that you do or cause:
or addition to the etext, or [3] any Defect.
disk, book or any other medium if you either delete this
including any form resulting from conversion by word pro-
of many deliveries.
The warm reception given "The University of Hard Knocks" by the
many words
So in this lecture, please do not pay any attention to the delivery
it. How much any one gets out of a lecture depends also upon the
It is so hard to tell young people anything. They know better. So
anything else the neighbors could think of. They would bring it
Anything that goes downward will run itself. Anything that goes
higher and didn't bump any more seats.
flypaper shows me up better than anything at home. What a fine
flies are naturally bright and have so many more advantages. You
flies are around him. He does like the company. They all feel the
I am like you. I have had more trouble than anybody else. I have
never known anyone who had not had more trouble than anyone else.
You got your lessons, combed your hair, went to Sunday school and
always stop when anything is done roasting? If we are yet getting
But after they had given it a diploma--a pricemark telling how much
it in glass cases. Many people admired it and said, "Isn't that
materially very prosperous, so many of us begin to say, "Is not
You would never know how many real friends you have until then. But
The very worst thing that can happen to anybody is to be
as well as in liquids. If we are not growing any, we are rattling.
made many blunders. But it is now recalled that she never made the
desire to know anything about anything.
and not growing any, pretty soon we become mere machines. We wear
We only live as we grow and learn. When anybody stays in the same
that. You can't tell me anything about that." He is generally
give much for a young person (or any other person) who does not
want a great place. I would not give much for anybody who does not
We do not become great by getting into a great place, any more than
many of us expect to get ready in "four easy lessons by mail."
Many a man writes a testimonial to get rid of somebody. "Well, I
hope it will do him some good. Anyhow, I have gotten him off my
lyceum work, in teaching, in very many lines, they are often useful
There are so many loving, sincere, foolish, cruel uplift movements
succeeded by twice as many more. They fail because instead of
cannot help many people, for there are not many people willing to
be helped on the inside. Not many willing to grow up.
why I was not sitting upon one of those mahogany seats instead of
not faithful over a few things, I would have rattled over many
many are trying to grow great on the outside without growing great
Greatness is not measured in any material terms. It is not measured
in inches, dollars, acres, votes, hurrahs, or by any other of the
widow had given all--had completely overcome her selfishness and
over many.
who sweeps it--is just as great as anybody in the world who may
sweetest pay comes from doing many things they are not paid for.
to find the man the bureau had given as lyceum committeeman there.
the Sunday school. He was the storm-center of every altruistic
Chicago on Sundays to thousands. He writes books and runs a college
he founded by his own preaching. He is the mainspring of so many
He had broken away from Chicago to have a vacation. Many people
Many homes and communities have reached it.
generally means getting out of his way. Many an orphan can be
will buy any brand they see--buy the home brand of education, or
After that a good many people said it was the college that made a
any more than you can get to New York by reading a travelers' guide.
many or any books. Yet they are educated to the degree they have
How long this nation will endure depends upon how many Gussie boys
a strong mind and back. Anybody who does for you regularly what you
can do for yourself--anybody who gives you regularly what you can
Harry Thaw turkey. They had too many silk socks. Too many "advantages."
is seeking happiness, but so many are seeking it by rattling down
of anyone killing himself by working. But I have known of
Many Kinds of Drunkards
office, go to the great pulpit, to the college chair--go to any
But so many of the home towns of America are sick. Many are dying.
Many are dead.
to leave. Somebody says, "The reason so many young people go to
"Many people say that. But they don't understand. If these people
wonderful equipment. Today we are replacing the many small colleges
this day! Many of them never saw a germ!
Many a small school struggling to live thinks that all it needs is
string--the little E string. The trouble is so many of these human
hands upon hot stoves and coffee-pots, and had to get many kinds of
hand many a time. You might not think that I had ever driven a yoke
When anybody says that he is due for a return date.
a cake of this wonderful soap from my hat--any cake you want, gentlemen!"
floor. Did anybody ever let you in on the ground floor? I never
could stick. Whenever anybody let me in on the ground floor it
I don't get any sympathy from this crowd. You laugh at me. You
him. I could not borrow any more. I joined what he called a "pool."
cannot tell him anything, because he is naturally bright and knows
Even the young person who has large fortune given him does not own
necktie, but failed to get any man to hang it upon. I got up before
about peeling potatoes than about anything else, write about
So many young people think because they have a good voice and they have
"Just a Wearyin' for You," "His Lullaby" and many more of those
Anybody could write those songs--just a few simple words and notes.
ever know real success in any line of human endeavor until that
Many of the most brilliant theorists have been the greatest
anything you could think of was discussed, and perhaps the page. He
He could give you almost any date. He could finish almost any quotation.
and the gasoline in the fire. He seemed never to have digested any
Many audiences are gathered into this one audience. Each person
anybody else!
A good many of you were bumped today or yesterday, or maybe years
Never do this many gather but what there are some with aching hearts.
looked bigger than any money I have since handled.
several dollars the lowest bidder. They said out that way, "Anybody
for we were "dressed up." Many a head showed father had mowed it
back of the ears! And into them! So many of them wore collars that
left any forwarding address.
half the night living it over. Time was when I thought anybody who
time had come when I knew the person who could go on living in any
it short, he's busy!" before they could break any news to him
because he hadn't the energy to be anything else. It was the boys
were going off to college and going to do so many wonderful things.
Many a time as I plugged at the "case" I would think of Frank and wonder
career, never developed any strength. He disappointed hopes, spent
of what it seems to me our lives should be. I hear a great many
We do not have to figure out how far we have to go, nor how many
Remember, the Mississippi goes south. If he had gone any other
So many of those young goslings believe that. They quit and get
efficient. Many a professional man is in the same class.
to employ gray-headed men? They have found that so many of them
These same corporations send out Pinkertons and pay any price for
are the most valuable, for they have the vision and wisdom of many
I ought to know more about it by this time. But when anybody says,
beginning to live. If anybody wants to be my best friend, let him
never get any better. I had reached my limit. Those lectures were
work. She looks younger than many women of half her years. "The
ninety-two was working as hard and hopefully as any man of the
"Why make so many experiments?"
You are liable to drop off any minute. Here is a pair of slippers.
They appoint a committee to bury Moses. You cannot do anything in
They cannot bury Moses. He cannot attend. You cannot bury anybody
who is too busy to attend his own funeral! You cannot bury anybody
not time to look back and see how anybody uses him.
Wake up! Your clock has run down. Anybody who wants to be a child
again is confessing he has lost his memory. Anybody who can remember
If there is anybody who does not have a good time, if there is
anybody who gets shortchanged regularly, it is a child. I am so
I wish I could forget many of my childhood memories. I remember the
I never sit down as "company" at a dinner and see some little
nearest the fried chicken. The "company" would sit down. I used to
"company" had to come and gobble it up. They would fill the table
Many a time after that, Elder Berry would come into the room where
is anybody shortchanged--if there is anybody who doesn't have a
forever. Anything that does not stop cannot grow old or have age.
And I have to say that to many questions, "I do not know." I often
the river. It is many feet high, and many, many feet long. The
many miles away, throbs with the victory.
be developed. So many of us do not understand that. We look
many obstacles in the way."
along the street in almost any town and see the dead ones. There
they will never need anything more than burying.
because they "take money outa town." They do not take any of their
for anything outside, but for the happiness that comes from within.
so many disappointed and disgruntled people in the world. They worked
many nations. I know why. I saw you born, saw your struggles, saw
many miles right out into the gulf.
You have to shoot many men's eyes out before they can see. You have
up half a mile into Rubio Canyon, to the engineering miracle, the
The years have been passing, the stormclouds have many times hidden
world into a playground. Who will not confess that many
book before us is wholesome and vivacious. It provokes many
Many who have read The Big Business of Life
delight them more than any small present you can make.

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