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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules the World
This working together of the home and the temple brings up the culture and the religion within the family. The family goes to the temple; the temple blesses the family's next project. The mother returns home. She keeps an oil lamp burning in the shrine room on the altar. It's a beautiful thing. All this happens because her astral body is not fretted by the stresses and strains of a worldly life, not polluted by the lustful thoughts of other men directed to her. She is not living in the emotional astral body. She is living in her peaceful soul body of love, fulfilling her dharma and radiating the soulful presence called sannidhya. She was born to be a woman, and that's how a woman should behave.
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A cyberspace devotee asks where she in the home should she place the altar. Gurudeva says to place the altar in the top floor of the home and face east and the purpose of having a home shrine is to attract the guardian devas so that we can have happiness, light and love

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