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2002 August 19 : [Karmas and Diseases|http://www.dlshq.org/download/karmadisease.htm] : A twice-born who casts away his thread, does not keep tuft, and does not perform Sandhya-Vandana gets impotence and fits of insanity.
Asavadityo Brahma / Brahmaivaasmi//
Adityah - Sun
Adityam tarpayami/ Somam tarpayami / Angarakam tarpayami / Budham tarpayami / Brihaspatim tarpayami /Sukram tarpayami /Sanaischaram tarpayami / Rahum tarpayami / Ketum tarpayami
Praatah Sandhya, (Aditya), (Saayam Sandhya) Upasthanam karishye // Uttame shikhare Devi bhoomyaam parvata-moordhani /
Pra Sa Mitra Marto Astu Payaswaan Yasta Aditya Sikshati Vratena / Na Hanyate Na Jeeyate Twoto Nainama-gumho Asnotyantito Na Dooraat//
Namah Savitre Jagadeka Chakshushe Jagat-prasooti-sthiti-naasa-hetave, trayee mayaaya trigunaatma-dhaarine Virinchi Naamayana-Sankaratmane, Dhyeyah Sadaa Savitrumandalamadhyavartee Naarayanah Sarasijaasana-Samnivishlah //
parts of his body. Three medical teams of radiologists and oncologists in
the "Mrityunjaya Yajna," a worship ceremony traditionally offered prior to
tradition, a saint's passing is considered an extremely auspicious and
As is traditional, the passage of a saint is not accompanied by the Hindu
Subramuniyaswami was a study in elegance, grace and radiant spirituality.
Gurudeva introduced the nation to the circular saw, worked with leading
South Indian tradition on Kauai, Hawaii, USA. His was the first major
Subramuniyaswami taught the traditional Saivite Hindu path to enlightenment,
advance Hinduism throughout the world. Leading swamis of India marveled at
with Siva" are his lengthy explanations of the traditional restraints and
tradition has always provided for fasting under strict community regulation
tradition in his final book, printed just days before his Mahasamadhi,
with mantras and tantras, with scriptural readings, deep meditation,
devotees of Gurudeva, Jiva Rajasankara, with his wife and sons, were brought
Within his own tradition of Saiva Siddhanta, Subramuniyaswami worked
tradition, discarding that which could not be substantiated through his own
Hinduism, but rather encouraged each to be true to their own traditions and
of disagreement. As a result, spiritual leaders of all traditions embraced
Sivacharya priests of South India, who are traditionally attached to the
the only way to completely eradicate violence from our society. Gurudeva
traditional functions of an aadheenam for the local community. He was a key
forward on local TV and radio programs, at Rotary Club breakfasts to which
children their Saivite Hindu religion, preserving traditional culture and
Elusive Happiness
wants nothing is a mighty emperor of the world. Sri Sankara
desires can be eradicated by self-realisation only.
Adi Sankara
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[Sri Adi Sankara: Some events, and an artist's impression|http://www.kamakoti.org/miscl/adi.html]

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