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See the HISTORY file for a rundown on the whole development process if that sort of thing really interests you :-)
Have fun :-)
Yesterday, [We] solved the supposedly [Einstein's Challenge|http://www.greylabyrinth.com/Puzzles/puzzle084.htm] first :-)
Have you been to [The most beautiful place in the world] :-)
[Money] :-)
A cousin of mine ( my mother's sister's son ) sent me an email yesterday... " I had a peep at your web site for the first time and I must say, it was very different from other juntha web sites that I have seen. The clincher was " To apply Kaizen to all aspects of life"!!!" :-)
Dave Winer
Open Request to Dave :-) Please make it easier for me to link to the [permanent link|http://scriptingnews.userland.com/backissues/2001/10/23] by sending it in the email. Thanks.
Philip Greenspun
training on the side :-)). Plus I'm continuing to help my friends who've
Grayson Harding
me : We are also living somewhere closer to such a place, which is reachable by walk in 20 minutes :-) (I could think of a better sentence... but Sushma understands it right now !)
Saravanan Natarajan
2002 March 14 : :-)
We : ROTFL :-)
I have come across [Tom Van Vleck]'s [Software Engineering|http://www.multicians.org/thvv/tvvswe.html] once again after a long time :-)
My answer of the moment :-) [Murugan Bhakti]
[Ken Coar] is a Sanagendamgagwedweinini ! --- click on the name to know the meaning :-)
Teacher & Students
Hope you all Enjoyed:-)
Tom Van Vleck
I think that the above will be true for all of us... if we learn to _only_ see the divine in others :-)
Snow has beautifully decorated our balcony :-)
If you want to lose weight, [goto India|http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1668000/1668872.stm] :-)
It has been a while since realised that I am not in this world _only_ to gain more knowledge, wealth etc. :-)
We are connecting to the net from today with [dsl flat|http://www.billiger-surfen.de/tarifmodelle.php3?name=T-Online&verbindungsnbz=dsl+flat&gueltigab=2001-08-01&gueltigbis=0000-00-00] :-)
[Sjoerd Visscher] [:|http://w3future.com/weblog/2001/12/12.html] "I got ADSL!" . I hope to say that soon too :-)
Better yet, my browser should have a similar feature :-)
Probably [Christian Kwyas] has accumulated lots of [good karma] like [Mark Pilgrim] :-)
Found [The End of the World] at his page... which made me goto [RAQ] and found [The Meaning of Life] :-)
[CoolCam] is coolware as well as shareware :-)
Mark Pilgrim
[happy half-birthday|http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/05/24.html#halfbirthday] :-)
Jack Welch
I cannot help thinking what Osho would ask him... 'Do you admire yourself' :-)
AssAssINation by Sardhar
SARDAR replied that he was trying to teach the students the spelling of the word "assassination" ....ass-ass-i-nation :-)
* If you want to know what Sushma and Kishore are upto these days :-)
[We] went to Varkala for honeymooning :-) and stayed at The [Taj Garden Retreat Varkala]
Malarraj Sudanthiramani
Try http://www.google.com/search?q=malarraj+sudanthiramani :-)
I am a [Wendell Berry] fan :-)
The child must be very lucky :-)
People are searching for interesting phrases at [Google] like [a way of life that does not consist of taking away from someone else|http://www.google.com/search?q=a+way+of+life+that+does+not+consist+of+taking+away+from+someone+else] and the first hit is [Quotations|http://kishore.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$5] at my ex-weblog :-)
[Brent Simmons] has [many ideas|http://inessential.com/2002/01/02.html] for [Apple]. One of them "[Mac OS X] for x86" is something I would like too :-)
To [Dave Winer]: Wishing you lot more [flow|http://radio.weblogs.com/0001184/2002/01/01.html] in the years to come. Where are the list of all your articles like [When to give away the technology] :-)
My ex-weblog [Kishore Balakrishnan's Psychic RAM|http://kishore.editthispage.com/] has attracted [Synergy]'s [favorable attention|http://synergy.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$11]. Nice :-)
[Tourist Guy|http://www.touristguy.com/] :-)
The Web is generous
[Tim Berners-Lee]'s company where he was zenning the WWW was generous too :-)
Company is "A group of persons." --- Do you like your company [:-)] and donot find it here... send me email !
Henry James Gallagher
2001 Jan 01 : 1430 CET : Master Gallagher is born at [Krankehaus Salem|http://www.salem-krankenhaus.de/] ( currently at room 404 ). He looks cute :-) >>> [first pictures|http://gallagher.150m.com/family/babypics.html]
[Links] > :-)
Playing with Words
God is nowhere ! >>> God is now here :-)
Art of Living
[Companies] > Art of Living Foundation offers [The Art of Living Course]. It is upto you to reach [The most beautiful place in the world] :-)
Sudarshan Kriya
Important note : Donot spend too much time trying to understand... Attend [The Art of Living Course] and feel it :-)
Have you attended any courses that have changed your life ? I have and they have :-)
Development Coordinator
[Mark Pilgrim] [:|http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/12/19.html#dive_into_xml] [What is RSS?|http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/12/18/dive-into-xml.html] Congrats on getting paid directly for writing :-) (and why does the first page of the article not contain the expansion of the acronym ? - Am I missing something ?)
Practical Internet Groupware
2009 07 12 - came across the book at the NUS bookstore near the Central Library and happily bought it at an unbelievable price :-)
Dharini Sridharan
Are you the one ? email me :-)
[The Meatrix|http://www.themeatrix.com/] :-)
Please invite me :-)
Leta Elise Armstrong
"Cho Chweet" :-)
Foto Barchard
Memories :-)
Sweet Kanji
close your eyes & enjoy responsibly :-)
Malarraj Srilatha
13-02-2005 :-)
Srilatha Malarraj
13 Feb 2005 :-)

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