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-[Computers] > XFML
+[Computers] > XFML ( eXchangable Faceted Metadata Language ) is created by [Peter Van Dijck]
-eXchangable Faceted Metadata Language
+See my implementations of content management with multiple hierarchical categories : [Karmasaya|http://www.carnatic.com/karmasaya/index.php] and [World Wide Wisdom|http://www.carnatic.com/www/index.php]
+Examples : [Karmasaya : month of December|http://www.carnatic.com/karmasaya/index.php?category=2002-12] and [World Wide Wisdom : carnatic music teachers all of the world|http://www.carnatic.com/www/index.php?why=carnatic-location]
 [via|http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/12/03.html#this_is_xfml] [Mark Pilgrim]
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