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 [RAQ] > What is the purpose of life?
-[Sri Sri Ravi Shankar]'s [answer|http://www.artofliving-foundation.de/Aktuelles/FlashIntro.swf]
+[Sri Sri Ravi Shankar]'s [answer|http://www.artofliving.org/FlashIntro.swf]
 |<a href="http://www.voiceofsankara.com/swami/maha.asp">Maha Swami</a> :
 ...In Godís creation, there is a purpose in everything...It is our duty to use our intelligence and find out the purpose of God in blessing us with those special powers...Sri Krishna : After death a man is what he has been just before his death. If he has not controlled lust and anger in this life, and acquired peace of mind and joy, he cannot have them after death...One is not asked to give up oneís legitimate pursuits necessary for oneís livelihood. But while being so engaged, one should not lose sight of the essential purpose of life... ( ref : http://www.voiceofsankara.com/swami/mahawords/default.asp?show=purpose )
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