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 "Theosophy" comes from the Greek "Theos" and "sophia" meaning literally "Divine Knowledge". It is a body of knowledge - accumulated since time immemorial - that answers the great questions of life - Who am I, Where am I going, What am I doing here, What is the nature of the soul, What is the origin of the universe and What can be said about the nature of divinity.
 [Fundamentals of Theosophy|http://www.ts-adyar.org/theosophy.html] : Theosophy is the body of truths which forms the basis of all religions, and which cannot be claimed as the exclusive possession of any. It restores to the world the Science of the Spirit, teaching man to know the Spirit as himself and the mind and body as his servants. It illuminates the scriptures and doctrines of religions by unveiling their hidden meanings, and thus justifying them at the bar of intelligence, as they are ever justified in the eyes of intuition. It puts death in its rightful place, as a recurring incidence in an endless life, opening the gateway to a fuller and more radiant existence.
+[Some Practical Suggestions for Daily Life|http://www.theosophical.ca/DailyLife.htm] : ...Do not read much. If you read for ten minutes, reflect for as many hours...
+[Practical Occultism|http://www.theosophical.ca/practicalocc.htm]
+http://www.theosophical.ca/OnLineDocs.htm has 250 documents
+http://www.katinkahesselink.net/ is very good...
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