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-source : http://www.artofliving.de/Web-Englisch/E-Kurse/E-Kurse-Inhalt.htm
+source : http://www.artofliving.net
 [Sri Sri Ravi Shankar] : There is a place where you can get, where everything is beautiful. Tourists travel from place to place looking for beauty. They try to experience beauty in every place and try to take it with them. But the experience will pass like tan and the rest not last. But there is this wonderful place we are all looking for. If you are able to get there, you will find beauty wherever you are. Where is it, this place? Don't try to find it here or there - go into yourself. If you are in touch with your self beauty will radiate out of you, wherever you are go. If you are quiet in your balance, noise turns into a melody, clouds are enchanting, rain is liquid sunshine.
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