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 "I'm an easily amused compulsive people watcher"
+I subscribe to his [Random Thoughts|http://www.westegg.com/rt/] : ...It is the forum that I use to share insights, information, and interpretations with interesting people from around the world...
+One of the recent RTs started
+Merely talking about something confers importance on it. What I value
+revealed by a declaration of values that I may make or recite but
+rather by
+what I do--how I spend my time and other resources. I may declare my
+of materialism; but if I spend all of my time talking about that new
+Rolls-Royce, then maybe I'm deceiving myself. We are, in other words,
+we talk about.
+What we talk about of course differs not only by individual, but by
+profession, ideology, and countless factors. Take the subset of what
+talk about upon meeting each other for the first time. College
+for example, ask each other what they are majoring in--they all
+meeting. But there are some commonalities among other groups as well.
+do such conversation beginnings say about each society?
+Mark Twain suggested one answer, observing in his autobiography, "In
+they ask, 'How much does he know?' In New York, 'How much is he worth?'
+Philadelphia, 'Who were his parents?'" Perhaps examining the question
+Twain posed humorously might prove a bit illuminating as to the issues
+every society places importance on
+Imagine what we don't ask when we meet people. What if it were the
+standard that our first question upon meeting someone for the first
+was, "What have you read lately?". Imagine we expected people to ask
+answer this question in social situation after social situation. This
+certainly reveal a very different value system. It would suggest that
+society expects people to read a lot, to discuss what they read--in
+words, to value reading.....
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