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+[Edward T. Babinski: The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience (1999)|http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/ed_babinski/experience.html] : .....Sadhu ("Sadhu" is Hindu for "holy man") Sundar Singh was raised a Sikh (Hindu for "disciple"). Sikhism is a sect within Hinduism that was founded about 1500 A.D. that teaches belief in one God and rejects the caste system and idolatry. Therefore, Sundar from a young age shared some of the same basic religious beliefs of Jews, Christians and Moslems. Moreover, Sikhism emphasizes the divinity of the holy teacher or "guru" - which made it easy for Sundar to later accept the Christian doctrine of "Jesus" as the "divine incarnation of God.".....
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