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 Mr. Jace Herring ! What about yearly payments ???
 [bloghosts.com archive on 2004-12-31|http://www.kishore.org/2004/bloghosts-closed-for-business-20041231-0700.htm]
+[bloghosts.com archive on 2005-01-18|http://www.kishore.org/2004/bloghosts-closed-for-business-20050118.htm]
+2005-01-19 : received a mail from Rob > http://www.crabapplelane.net/roblog/archives/001645.php : .....He([Jace Herring]) owes me money for the unused portion of the service I paid for. He also doesn’t respond to requests.....
+2005-01-20 : Google now displays the crabapplelane page as the first hit for the name...
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