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environmental philosophers but is rarely known in the United States except in academic circles. 9-11 should have changed that: the tragic event personified Beck's "world risk society": a concept he had developed in the early 1990s while witnessing the resurgence of Green parties in European politics and tracking financial and insurance liability crises. The "world risk society" is also the environment that Disinfonauts inhabit, and unless we look beyond the surface 'litany' of sound-bites, conspiracy theories and Diesel ads, we won't perceive the metapatterns that are the Key to global domination.


"The idea of the world risk society stems mainly from environmental politics, not thepolitics of war and peace that we are now facing. But the questions that it raises are veryrelevant, or at least they need to be made relevant for any new, internationalist approaches for thepolicing of terrorism to work. Beck argues (1999: 91-92) that, "under the pressure of changedchallenges and fundamental convictions, ... alternative lines of action become thinkable." We need to start thinking about and creating alternatives." ~~ Scott Kirsch, "World Risk Society and the Policing of Terror" (http://www.unc.edu/depts/pfn/01oct2001/kirsch.pdf)

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