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The Eagles Have Not Landed on Lord Siva's Sacred Hill Source: Hindustan Times

TIRUKKALUKUNRAM, INDIA, November 19, 2002: It used to be a fascinating sight. At the stroke of noon every day, two eagles would appear from nowhere and descend on the Vedagiriswarar Temple atop a hill at Tirukkalukunram. There they would eat the rice pongal served by a temple priest, wash their beaks in a pond and fly away. Thousands of pilgrims would visit Tirukkalukunram -- literally the hill of the holy eagles -- 60 km from Chennai, to watch this spectacle that took place unfailingly for decades. But, for nearly ten years the eagles have not appeared. Efforts are under way to train a pair of eagles to fly to the temple and eat pongal. The local community has asked the wildlife department to check out the exact species of the birds from old photos and see if younger birds of the same species from nearby areas can be housed atop the hill.

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