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Kierkegaard on the Internet - a website devoted to the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855).

via Background : ..."What I really need is to come to terms with myself about what I am to do, not about what I am to know, except insomuch as knowledge must precede every act. It is a matter of understanding my destiny, of seeing what the Divinity actually wants me to do; what counts is to find a truth, which is true for me, to find that idea for which I will live and die."...

... When a memorial stone was erected on Gilbjerg Head at Gilleleje in 1935 to commemorate the centenary of the intellectual emergence of the young Kierkegaard, these words from his notebook were inscribed on the stone: "What is truth but to live for an idea." ...

The Crowd : ...Run with the Herd - and Get Nowhere...

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