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Don't wish too much, your fate is predestined. Don't worry too much, nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. Don't worship in vain, as when you respect the Lord but not your own parents. Don't fight for inheritance, your brothers and sisters are from the same root. Don't look after children too long, they have their own life to live. Don't crave for luck, everyone has luck coming someday. Don't be sad, people find it hard not to see smiling faces. Don't be fashionable, just keep warm to escape the cold. Don't be gluttonous, you know what food becomes after it passes through you. Don't be miserly, you can't take money with you when you die. Don't hold property so tightly, it must pass from past hands into future ones. Don't take advantage of others, they may take advantage of you. Don't cheat others, God sees everything you do. Don't be so proud, your riches and honor won't last forever. Don't be jealous, others have only what fate has given them. Don't complain, what you got is what you earned in your previous life. Don't gamble, a gambler always loses at the end. Don't be wasteful, only diligence and frugality can make you free of debt. Don't be vengeful, there's no end to vengeance. Don't plan to far ahead, the world is like a chess game. Don't play tricks, you may be ruined by your own cleverness. Don't tell lies, false words may cost you a whole life's fortune. Don't argue, the truth will speak for itself. Don't scold others, nobody can be sure never to err. Don't scheme, you never know what's in others' minds. Don't divine your fate, your behavior determines your own fate. Don't be so busy, one unexpected event can make everything fall apart.

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