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Glory of Rudram : ...Rudram is treated as the celebrated portion of Yajurveda with the sacred Sivapanchakshari mantram (Namasivaya) enshrined within it. It has got two portions called Namakkam and Chamakkam each containing eleven chapters or Anuvakams. Most of the chapters in the first portion end with the letter namaha or namo namaha while the ending letter of the second portion is “cha me”...It is firmly believed that every deity is pleased with Rudra japam, also that by chanting it whatever be the genuine prayers of one the same will be granted. Rudra japa is spoken of as a great purifier and the most effective expiation (pariharam) for even the worst sins. In summary Rudra japam is the best sadhana for attaining both material and spiritual benefits from Almighty...

Rudram - Word-by-Word Meaning : "Sri Rudram is one of the most sacred and powerful mantra found in Krishna Yajurveda. Those who wants to go through the meaning, may please read Sanskrit phrases and English transliteration here."

Rudram and Chamakam Songs

Rudram in Tamil and English

Rudram in Romanized text and Devanagari font

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Namakam Chamakam

Swami Krishnananda : Daily Invocations

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