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While returning to his room the Master saw an inmate of the Ashram, who was a student of Vedanta.

Looking at him he said, "You are only a Vedantin? You should also practise Asanas and Pranayama. You should go for a walk both in the morning and evening for half an hour. You should improve your health. You should be more sociable. You should speak sweet words and win the hearts of others. You should become a Poorvabhashi, a person who talks to another first. As soon as you see someone beside you, you should talk to him first, instead of expecting him to talk to you first. You should talk to him in an intimate manner as though he is already known to you.

"By speaking sweetly you can win the hearts of others. You should also practise Poorva-Namaskar--that is, doing Namaskar to others before they do to you. You should know these techniques of winning the hearts of all by being more sociable and sweet."

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