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Vedic course For Expectant Mothers : PATNA, INDIA, February 12, 2003: Sujeet Jha, a post-graduate from Hindu College in Delhi University, is opening a unique institution, Sanskar, in Patna. It will offer a course for expectant mothers, from pregnancy through the first five months of infancy, aimed at helping the child in the womb to absorb good "sanskar" (values) through Vedic chants. The two-month course, named "Vaidehi," will be include classes teaching the Vedic ways of bringing up children after birth. "It is our belief that child starts learning right in the mother's womb," said Sujeet. He said that expectant mothers would be taught Vedic slokas, yogic postures and exercises. The aim is to provide expectant mothers with confidence to undergo the experiences of childbirth and overcome post-natal depression. Sujeet's institute will also offer a course named "Lav-Kush," (after Lord Rama's children) for children ages 4 to 8, aimed at instilling a sense of self-discipline and respect for ancient heritage.

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