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Swami Sivananda

DESIRE FOR LIBERATION: The Master cited very apt analogies to a disciple indicating the type of aspiration one should possess for attaining liberation.

"Suppose some dust falls into one's eyes, the person will hurry to wash the eyes and get rid of the dust. Till the dust is removed he will feel great unrest. He will forget everything of this world. His sole concern will be the removal of the dust from his eyes.

"Such should be one's aspiration for the attainment of God-realisation. The mind should be exclusively occupied with that one desire of attaining God-realisation. He should forget everything else. He should feel extremely restless and pine for God-realisation.

"A further analogy is that of a person under water. Suppose you keep the head of a man immersed in water, he will struggle for breath. He will desire intensely to get out of the water so that he could breathe. Such intense desire for God-realisation is called Mumukshutwa."

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