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source : http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_715534.html

A tribal chief in southern India believed to be more than 120 years old says he has fathered far too many children to remember all of them.

The Hindustan Times reports Mudda Moopan, the king of the primitive Karumba tribe in Kerala, can only remember the names of 16 of his 23 wives.

His latest wife is in her early thirties and his youngest child is 11 years old.

Locals believe him to be among the oldest men in the world. Last year a group of students from Kochhi University collected a sample of Moopan's hair to work out his age and discovered that he had passed a century long ago.

The old man says the secret of his longevity and virility lies in a paste made of 10 rare medicinal herbs that he takes three times a day, but he is unwilling to reveal what they are.

He said: "Once an English woman came and stayed with me for days together. She was spying on my treatment methods. One morning she disappeared. I don't trust any of them now."

Moopan, considered an authority on tribal medicine, is much sought after by researchers. It is being reported the Karumba chieftain once tamed a violent elephant with a medicinal plant.

An unnamed agricultural scientist at the Thrissur Agricultural University said: "He can identify more than 1,000 rare medicinal plants. He is a living legend - a treasure trove."

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