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Above those who don't know are those who read or find out, Above those who read or find out are those who memorize, Above those who memorize are those who understand, Above those who understand are those who apply, Above those who apply are those who obtain results, Above those who obtain results are those who attain success and paranormal powers, Above those who attain success and paranormal powers are those who attain the ABSOLUTE and the wisdom that makes everything possible. TANTRA SARA

http://www.geocities.com/kundal/Adi-Nath.html - The Path of the Adi-Nath









The nine main siddhis and eight additional siddhis


Spacecraft Systems


2003 04 10 - The Blumhardts : ...We live in a time of intense searching. Few are satisfied with what church and society have served up. We hunger for something more, for a faith with the power to transform ourselves and our world. Johann Christoph Blumhardt and his son Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt influenced a whole generation of Christian thinkers. But their message shatters the walls of conventional Christianity. ...

2003 04 08 - Vallalar







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