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Updated on 2007-02-03 - The original article that was at ww.sulekha.com/articledesc.asp?cid=159786 is not found any longer! Manish doesnot have a copy as well !


summary of the article at www.sulekha.com/articledesc.asp?cid=159786

( do read the article )

list of obvious things to do to make sure layoffs donot affect you...

  1. Never say never
  2. Build networks
  3. Update knowledge
  4. Keep an updated copy of your resume
  5. Ask questions all the time about the business situation
  6. Don't ever give the impression that you don't need the job or can easily find another one
  7. Plan your finances


and the above is a comment to the same article by Manish...

L - Leverage your skills across industries or disciplines. A - Articulate the value you will provide to an employer based on your skill-set. Y - Yank irrelevant details off your resume; if you are a C programmer, there is no need to write 2 bullets on your skills in writing procedures or remote calls. O - Offer examples of your contribution to the larger objective F - Fine tune your profile in a manner that will be understood by the non-tech types. Alot of project level hiring is done by business or semi-tech folks F - Focus the employer on your problem solving, analytical, and communication skills S - Steer the interview so that you are able to highlight all your strengths and achievements.

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