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Osho : .....Knowledge has its uses, it is not absolutely useless. But if you are going inwards it becomes more and more useless, and the deeper you go, the more useless it is. If you are going outwards, the farther you go out into the world, the more useful it becomes. The world respects the knowledgeable person.....

The laughing Buddha

The Best Part of Knowledge

Sébastien Paquet : Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research

The Search for Happiness : In philosophical circles, questions were raised: How does knowledge arise in the individual? Who manufactures knowledge? You cannot say that you have created your knowledge, because in order to create knowledge within yourself, you must be already possessing that knowledge. An ignorant person cannot have the seed of this knowledge. If you are not the source of the knowledge, who created this knowledge? Has it come from outside? It does not appear that it has come from you, because to manifest knowledge from your own self, you must have already, within yourself, the potential of that knowledge. If that is already there, then you need not seek knowledge at all. The great Dattatreya Maharshi says in the very first verse of the Avadhuta Gita: isvaranugrahad-eva pumsam advaita-vasana; mahadbhaya-paritranat vipranam upajayate: The knowledge that frees you from the fear of life, the threat of death, does not arise by a slipshod effort on the part of any person. A miraculous occurrence in the very operation of the cosmos takes place, the pros and cons of which process we cannot know,-just as we cannot know how we are born into this world.

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