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Founder and Big Cheese, http://www.bloghosts.com

.....Our 30-day refund policy is still in effect. If you signed up before October 5, 2004 and would like a refund please send your full name, address (street, city, state, zip, and country), the amount to be refunded, and the corresponding invoice number (sent to you via email when you signed up) to refunds@bloghosts.com. A refund cannot be processed without all of this information so please make sure it's accurate.....

Mr. Jace Herring ! What about yearly payments ???

bloghosts.com archive on 2004-12-31

bloghosts.com archive on 2005-01-18

2005-01-19 : received a mail from Rob > http://www.crabapplelane.net/roblog/archives/001645.php : .....He(Jace Herring) owes me money for the unused portion of the service I paid for. He also doesn’t respond to requests.....

2005-01-20 : Google now displays the crabapplelane page as the first hit for the name...

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