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https://twitter.com/rakyll @ https://threader.app/thread/1058433116002381824 : ..Your interviewers try to understand what it feels like to work with you on a daily basis..



David McCusker? Interview Experience


when Interviewer says >>> do you have any questions for me >>> "The last 5 people who've held this position - where are they now?"

Hands-down the best question I've ever heard. I wish I could remember the source so I could attribute. Of course, if it's a new company/role, there may not be five people. But you get the point. I've now asked it myself a number of times and it impresses the heck outta the interviewer as it's almost always a stumper.

From my perspective, nothing is more important than this info, because it tells you where the role leads. I want to know if the last few people got promoted, were fired, changed departments, went back to school, or slept with the boss' spouse.

I'm kidding on the last point but seriously what's more important than the answer to this?

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