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the word "guru" consisting of the aksharas "gu" and "ru" stands for a teacher - one who dispels darkness (ignorance) of the the mind (person). "gu" means darkness and "ru" means the act of removal.

Kularnava Tantra : At the root of dhyana is the form of the guru. At the root of puja are the feet of the guru. At the root of mantra is the word of the guru, and at the root of all liberation is the grace of the guru.

Gurudeva : The satguru is like the sun. He is just there, radiating this very pure energy like the sun evaporates water.... It is hte seeker who opens himself to the great accumulated power of darshan? which the guru inherited from his guru and his guru's guru, as well as the natural darshan he unfolded from within himself through his evolution and practices of sadhana and tapas?.

The Tantrik Guru : ...Because the guru gives mantra to a disciple and because she or he embodies the spirit and life of that mantra in an unbroken lineage to the Rishi who first perceived it, she or he is held in the utmost regard in the tantrik tradition.....This tradition of the "crazy" guru is embedded deep in the lore of the tantriks and the Nathas and has its value in shaking the conditioning of someone who aspires to be a Kaula, the tradition avers. For similar reasons, some elements of the tantrik tradition in India, such as worship in cremation grounds, the consumption of pig flesh and some sexual practices, were intended to rattle orthodox tendencies in tantrik pupils. (For a full exploration of this topic, see Holy Madness by Georg Feuerstein, Arkana 1992)...

Tibetan Proverb : A guru is like a fire. If you get too close, you get burned. If you stay too far away, you don't get enough heat. A sensible moderation is recommended.

Question: In my view, the guru is one who awakens me to truth, to reality. What is wrong in my taking to such a guru? Jiddu Krishnamurti's Answer

Michael Murphy in a 'New Age' interview : We do need teachers, and there is such a thing as true authority - a person who really knows something. But the trouble is what they used to call in psychology "the halo-effect": a person's authority is overextended, and you get people going to, say, Einstein for political opinions - or to a guru on every matter. Independent judgement is a fairly rare quality among human beings. Part of being alive and growing and the whole art of living is to refine that independent judgement - to learn a kind of courage to stand up for one's inner voice and to be able to say when the emperor has no clothes.

Ram Dass in Journey of Awakening? : Some people fear becoming involved with a teacher. They fear the possible impurities in the teacher, fear being exploited, used, or entrapped. In truth, we are only ever entrapped by our own desires and clingings. If you want only liberation, then all teachers will be useful vehicles for you. They cannot hurt you at all. If, on the other hand, you want power, a teacher may come along who talks about liberation but subtly attracts you by your desire for power. If you get caught and become a disciple of such a teacher, you may feel angry when this teacher turns out to be on a power trip, not leading you to enlightenment. But remember: at some level inside yourself, you already knew. Your attraction to this teacher was your desire for power. Your anger is nothing more than your anger toward yourself.

About Gurus and their Teaching

Chinmaya Answers - The Guru : ...The relationship between the teacher and the taught is exactly like the relationship of the gardener and the flowers on the bush. The gardener does not create the flowers from the soil and the manure; the flowers must themselves come from the bush. The gardener can only tend its roots, water it, protect it, see that it has the correct amount of sunlight and shade -- all these externals he can provide. But no mere gardener can guarantee the blossom; it can come only from the bush itself...

Guruji Sri Muralidhara Swamigal

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Mohana Ruben. S

Swami Sivananda


Anthony de Mello

Jiddu Krishnamurti

HH Shri Gurudev Mahendranath (Dadaji) : In The Magick Path of Tantra ...A disciple asked, "Dadaji, is it better to be reborn as a woman or as a man?" Dadaji answered, "It is better not to be reborn at all."...

Bhagawan Nityananda - http://www.siddhayoga.org/guru-siddha-yoga.html

Param Poojya (His Holiness) Swami Chetanananda Saraswati - He hails from the Siddha lineage of Avadhoot Nityananda and Paramhansa Muktananda of Vajreshwari - http://www.siddha-loka.org : ...DIVINE LIGHT, the indweller of all beings, illuminates the universe. Realizing this truth through the grace of the Sadguru is the goal of human life. The secret of a successful life lies in meditation on the SELF. Meditation occurs spontaneously through Shaktipat Deeksha. Only a Siddha Guru is capable of giving Shaktipat Deeksha by HIS divine word, touch, glance and thought...

Gurani Anjali - http://www.santosha.com/yoga/cr_1996.html

ParamPujya? Pratahsamaraniya Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji - http://www.siddhashram.org/

Gurunathar - http://www.agathiar.org/


Gregorian Bivolaru - http://sivasakti.com/grieg/ - http://www.sivasakti.com

Sri Eknath Easwaran - http://www.nilgiri.org/nilgiri.cfm?pageid=5001

The Master welcomed the advances of technology, but was keenly aware of its limitations.

When an industrialist asked him what his occupation was, he replied, "I'm in the people industry."

"And what, pray, would that be?" said the industrialist.

"Take yourself," said the Master. "Your efforts produce better things; mine, better people."

To his disciples he later said, "The aim of life is the flowering of persons. Nowadays people seem concerned mostly with the perfectioning of things."


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