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Gingelly oil is extracted from the gingelly seeds. Gingelly, also known as Sesame is a tropical plant found in India.

Gingelly oil is both used as a hair oil as well as a cooking oil.

 As Hair Oil

It is used widely as a hair oil because of its unique properties. It is cold in nature and when applied, soothes the head and mind giving a whole new freshness and coolness. Habitual use of gingelly oil gives one long live, fine vision, high memory power and good health.

Gingelly oil is recommended by physiotherapists for body massages as well.

 As Cooking Oil

It also is an edible oil extensively used in cooking. Saturated fatty acids content, which causes rancidity in foods, is the lowest in gingelly oil thus preventing the food being contaminated easily. So it is widely used in the preparation of pickles and such food items needing a longer life.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary: Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

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