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Where do I come from ?

Where do I go to after death ?

What is the purpose of life ?

Why am I less fortunate than others ?

Is there justice in this world ?

We sometimes ask ourselves these and other questions which seem to have no answers. The Theosophical Society, a non-sectarian movement engaged in the promotion of Universal Brotherhood and study of the Laws of Nature governing the universe, provides answers to some of the perennial and perplexing questions about life and its purpose. Register fo the Basic Theosophy Course and gain an insight into the ancient wisdom. This course comprises seven segments. Each segment of three hours duration is conduction once a week. Hence, the entire course of seven segments is conducted over a period of seven weeks. The Basic Theosophy Course which is free of charge is a must for earnest truth seekers. The following subjects will be covered:

Contact The Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society to register for the course !

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