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Linux Bangalore/2003

Barah Jyothir Ling Yatra

http://www.iskconbangalore.org/ :

Someone's impressions..... It was a unique experience for me. A noteworthy place to visit in bangalore.

ISKON temple is situated ina small hill in bangalore city. Dedicated to Lord krishna. ISKON-International society for krishna consiouncenseness.

We have to climb several steps to reach the sanctorium. But was not difficult. 1. Few steps to be climbed to leave our footwear. That place can store 100+ footwears at a time. 2.Few steps to reach Lord narasimha's sannithi. 3.Next Lord venkateswara's sannithi 4.Next Lord krishna's sannithi. It was a huge hall. Interior work is very fine. 5.Krishna's prasadam are sold in a place. Unique feature is that they sell eggless cakes, cookies, milk sweats along with other routine sweats. I bought some variety of cookies for distribution. 6.They have a small restaurant inside the temple premises itself.

Words cannot explain its beauty, though I have tried to do so. .....

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