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Guruji used to tell us the parable for shaping our perspective of balanced living. For a successful harvest, the following things need to happen: You need to get a good seed, then you need to plough the field thoroughly, after this you need to plant the seed, then it should rain , after the rain, it takes a standard time for the seed to sprout and grow, then we need to cut the crop and get the grain. If you see this properly, we get these fruits of life due to 3 things,

  1. Grace of God
  2. Self effort
  3. Correct time...

Making a seed is not in our hands, it is 'god given', planting should be done by us, 'rains' are the Lord's gift, Sprouting of the seed is by God's grace, we need to wait for the correct time for the seed to grow into a crop bearing paddy, then harvesting is by our efforts. So it is the harmonious confluence of these factors which results in success , be it in any walk of life.

If we fail in our efforts, (or in this simple parable) if we fail to plough the field, just waiting for God's grace would not help in getting what we want... Similarly if we work real hard and do our job, and if it does not rain (i.e. without HIS grace), all efforts would go waste... Lastly (and most importantly), everything takes time to fruition... If we expect the seed to give the crop the next day, it would not happen even if the other 2 factors are duly taken care of... So all good things take time to produce results...

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