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My point of view on http://directory.google.com/Top/Home/Family/Adoption/

1. A friend comes to town and both of you buy lottery tickets and the draw date is many months away. The tickets are with you... After a few months, the ticket bought by your friend is drawn and USD 1 million is the prize money... Will you inform your friend who has forgotten about it !!!

2. A friend comes to town and he murders someone. Only you know about it. Police trace back to you in 3 months and friend is not in town any more... Will you goto jail for your friend !

What am I trying to convey !

Thousands of couples due to varied number of reasons and at a great number of circumstances: good and bad... act every second in a way that results in a baby in 10 months !

Who should care for these babies ???

Is adoption the answer ?

Is it just a simple "Supply vs Demand" problem to solve !!!


Education is one fundamental/key answer to many questions !

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