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https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi7a7qBnnln/ ... jordinwiklundIíve hesitated to share whatís happening in our lives because it isnít "typical pretty". But just like I felt a prompting to share in February 2017 about losing our sweet baby, Colton, I feel prompted again to set my pride aside, to be open and real. Itís really not that complicated or that long of a story, but after having our most profitable year since starting our business 10 years ago, all work just stopped for us. Very very few bookings, jobs, anything that provided any kind of income, ceased to exist. (Quick backstory, everything about our business has felt miraculous from the beginning. We didn't know how or why it kept working after year 1, but it did, & we saw God moving in it.) For the last 6 months weíve been pinching pennies, and Curtis has been hustling as we try to listen to Godís direction and wait for him to reveal his plan. Well, weíre still waiting. And in this waiting, weíve completely run out of money.

Iím sure many of you are immediately thinking of ways that we could make money ☺️ based on Curtisí skill set. Trust me when I say, we have been over every option we could think of as we saw this day approaching. Processing, brainstorming, & praying. I believe that our journey in this is only just beginning and it felt inauthentic to post anything seemingly perfect as we are wading through this fog every minute of every day. Our life is SO NOT PERFECT. But what Iím trying to cling to right now is that OUR GOD IS. Iím praying that we will have the courage to open our clenched fists & release what has been & what is, so that we can fully experience all that he has planned for us. It hurts right now though. Believe me, the last few days have been filled with many tears. So, if youíre struggling, know that I am too. Iím struggling to wrap my brain around our potential next steps. It hurts, itís ridiculously humbling, & Iím scared out of my mind. But in my weakness God is strong. And I will try to remind myself to BEHOLD his light & love for me & my family in all of this, praying that heíll bring me peace & joy I canít possibly muster on my own. And I pray the same thing for you today as well. You are not alone. And neither am I ...

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